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Why have massage treatments in Torquay?

June 21, 2017

In Torquay we’re blessed with many health and wellness modalities, from conscious minded cafes, fitness training on our glorious shores, to yoga and treatment varieties. Receiving massage treatments helps the body relax, revive and heal. Treating a wide range of emotional and physical health problems. So, by making you feel good in lots of ways,…

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Day spa treatments for the men of Torquay

June 11, 2017

We have effective and enjoyable day spa treatments for men, right here in Torquay. Today’s modern man has nothing to fear and everything to gain from visiting us. Speaking from experience the men’s spa experience should be easy, keeping it -Effective, Active, Sensuous and Youthful. Day spa treatments for men are growing at a fast…

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Overnight spa accommodation options for couples in Torquay

June 1, 2017

Looking at treating yourself whilst enjoying a little getaway!? Well right here in Torquay you can have it all.. With perfect accommodation options suited for couples, there’s plenty to choose- from resort style, intimate boutique escapes, beach front houses to the ultimate romantic ‘cottage’ farm stay. Our exclusive Couples day spa package can accompany any of…

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Different types of day spa facials in Torquay

May 22, 2017

It gets confusing when trying to decide for yourself the many different types of day spa facials out there. This week we hope to bring some clarity to what it is that you may looking for and what can be best suited to your skin. If you’re visiting the area for a short break, or…

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Our ladies enjoy group spa treatments for a day

May 12, 2017

Torquay itself has a fabulous vibe for ladies gatherings, with great accommodation options, trendy cafes, a famous shopping precinct and restaurants that cater for all styles- be it casual, classy, intimate or the social pub scene. Top it off by throwing in a day at the spa and you’ll be set for it all.. Women…

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Indulgent day spa packages for two in Torquay

May 2, 2017

Visiting a day spa with your partner or friend is one of the more indulgent, interesting and perhaps unusual things you can do together. Experiences for two, as well as romance or even mother and daughter day spa packages can be enjoyed all year round in beautiful Torquay. Any time can be that special occasion….

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Massage treatments with aromatherapy in Torquay

April 22, 2017

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to make you feel calm, relaxed, or energised and increase your sense of well-being. The oils work by way of absorption into the skin by being massaged with them, bathing or inhaling them with your sense of smell via steam. All of our massage treatments use aromatherapy. What exactly are these amazing…

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Experience the benefits of day spa facials in Torquay

April 12, 2017

Getting back to the basics of it all- a facial is a beauty treatment for your face. With so many brands and styles of the type of treatments available many day spa facials are described all in a slightly different way. A variety of products are used, massage techniques and equipment to give you cleaner,…

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6 skin care tricks from our Torquay day spa shop

April 2, 2017

Get your skin in tip top shape with these few tricks from our online Torquay day spa shop, particularly when you need to look good in less than an hour! Babor Ampoules – Instant. Visible. Beautiful. Specially formulated so that they can be absorbed by the skin exceptionally well without leaving a trace of residue,…

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Day spa massage with accommodation in Torquay Vic

March 24, 2017

Torquay is a beautiful coastal getaway in any seasonal time of the year. Summer being most popular of course and Winter- it’s known for it’s wild, rugged and pristine beauty. With cosy accommodation options available teamed up with massages at our day spa you’ll be sure to top off any relaxation stay. One to checkout…

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