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Yearly Archive: 2014

Facial treatments- Understanding the basics from Torquay

December 31, 2014

Understanding the basics and how to get the most from your facial treatments at your Torquay day spa! Are you itching to book some facial treatments but holding back because you don’t know what’s right for you or what to expect when you get there? For many people day spa facials can be a luxurious…

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Girls love to Gather at Saltair day spa torquay!

December 23, 2014

Girls love to gather in Torquay and at amazing destinations with spoiling treats at our day spa, we know it! If it’s destination your after with pampering and sharing  good times with your besties look no further than Torquay! The day spa experience is often thought of as a place for retreating and rejuvenating, when…

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Essential Beauty and skincare tips – Saltair Day spa Torquay

December 17, 2014

Day Spa Beauty advice to help you keep your skin beautiful when your on the go in Torquay and travelling around our beautiful coast! Whether your going to be relaxing on the beach in Torquay, travelling around the country side, visiting a day spa or just going to your families, you should never forget about…

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Treatment benefits of Massage at Saltair day spa Torquay

November 24, 2014

Treatment benefits of Massage at Saltair Day Spa Torquay. Lets face it we all need to take the time for rest and well deserved relaxation after the hectic lifestyles we all lead today! Treating yourself to a full body massage particularly at this time of year is one of the most beneficial gifts you could…

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Top day spa packages at Saltair Spa Torquay

November 14, 2014

The top Torquay Day Spa Packages of choice – the votes are in! : One of our most commonly asked questions is ” which is your best day spa package to purchase and what would you recommend whilst visiting Torquay!?” You may need help deciding on what ‘that special’ someone would just love to receive…

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Local Magic of Christmas at Saltair day spa Torquay.

October 24, 2014

Christmas is a joyful time of year in Torquay with a real meaning! When I think of Christmas I think of good times, having fun with friends and spending quality time with family and being apart of all the excitement and joy that giving can give! A time to share, love each other and feel…

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Perfect your Spray Tanning in Torquay.

October 12, 2014

Your Guidance for the perfect Spray Tanning service in Torquay! Be Prepared- Ensure you prepare your skin properly prior to your Spray Tanning. This includes exfoliating and moisturising the skin two days prior to your spray tan. Avoidance- Avoid moisturisers, perfume and deodorant as well as tight clothing after tan application. Keep in mind if it’s…

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‘Sugaring’ specialists for treatments at Saltair day spa Torquay

September 30, 2014

Sugaring Specialists at Saltair Day Spa- What is body Sugaring? – “A specialised  sugar paste that is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth, allowing the paste to seep into the hair follicle and wrap around the root system. Removed in the same direction of hair growth – the hair, dead skin cells, and…

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Day ‘Spa Magazine’ from the UK to Torquay!

September 15, 2014

Saltair Day Spa in Torquay is published in the International publication of the ‘Modern Spa Magazine’ from the UK! All of us here at Saltair are thrilled to be featured in an article by Modern Spa Magazine.  The article featured our history from conception to the present moment and the motivation that inspires all of…

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Massage, facial & pedicure are Junes specials at Saltair Day Spa Vic

May 24, 2014

Winter time is the perfect time to treat yourself to some nurturing and warmth! If your visiting Torquay come in and let us take care of you in our award winning day spa! This June at Saltair Day Spa in gorgeous Torquay Vic we have a few of our most popular treats on offer! Enjoy…

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