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Local Magic of Christmas at Saltair day spa Torquay.

Posted on October 24, 2014 christmas gift vouchers melbourne

Christmas is a joyful time of year in Torquay with a real meaning!

When I think of Christmas I think of good times, having fun with friends and spending quality time with family and being apart of all the excitement and joy that giving can give! A time to share, love each other and feel good. It’s about life and celebrating the magical spirit of Christmas.

Our local community celebrates by having a ‘carols by candlelight’ on the Torquay beach front, the fun and excitement of all the children running around way past their bedtimes is just so precious! The streets and houses can be seen with all their beautiful lights, everyone can smell the joy in the air.

The fun it is – decorating the tree, eating all the food you can eat and buying presents for other people! At Saltair Day Spa itself the gardens thrive with the colours of the purple whisteria and agapanthus.The white bell flowers that line the garden walk together with the sound of soothing water purposely create this special time to see such a beautiful place.

How could you forget? The six weeks of school holidays! Spending vacation time strolling the beaches, dining at restaurants, sharing home BBQs, fish and chips on the beach, cashing in on gift vouchers and lazing about receiving day spa treats!

This is what makes Christmas time so magical and the meaning at this very special time of year is over and over again always so memorable. If your into giving gifts of the day spa kind this year for your Torquay treat then check out our exclusive day spa packages!

A from all the team at Saltair ¬†-“we wish you a merry merry Christmas!”