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Essential Beauty and skincare tips – Saltair Day spa Torquay

Posted on December 17, 2014

Day Spa Beauty advice to help you keep your skin beautiful when your on the go in Torquay and travelling around our beautiful coast!

Whether your going to be relaxing on the beach in Torquay, travelling around the country side, visiting a day spa or just going to your families, you should never forget about your skin!

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“Maintaining your skin regime whist trooping around or getting carried away in our hectic lifestyles is essential to keeping your skin beautiful.”

Tips for flawless day spa skin while traveling:

· Cleanse your face daily. You need to wash off the cellular debris that can collect while sitting in a stuffy airplane or even riding in the car. A new environment means new toxins and sometimes our skin will absorb these, so be sure to wash them off.

· Use a toner or hydrating mist that helps balance the PH levels in your skin. This prepares the skin for your moisturizer and helps the moisturiser work more efficiently.

· Moisturize! Lower humidity levels will dry your skin making those fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent than they really are. Don’t forget your 2litres of H2O.

· Use products containing Antioxidants. This is the main line of defence against free radicals. Choose a light gel or serum formulation so you aren’t clogging your pores.

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