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Facial treatments- Understanding the basics from Torquay

Posted on December 31, 2014

Understanding the basics and how to get the most from your facial treatments at your Torquay day spa!

Are you itching to book some facial treatments but holding back because you don’t know what’s right for you or what to expect when you get there? For many people day spa facials can be a luxurious indulgence, however, good day spa facials are much more than a way to relax and unwind while pampering your skin. Facials are actually the second most popular spa treatments after massages with us in Torquay.

It’s not a requirement for a healthy glowing complexion, but there’s no doubt that when done correctly, a regular facial can make a noticeable difference to your appearance, as well as help you stay on top of the general condition and changing needs of your skin. On the down side, choosing the wrong practitioner, the wrong products or the wrong type of treatment can sometimes do more harm than good.

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Whether you are doing a little pampering to look your best for a special occasion, looking for help with a certain skin condition, or as part of a regular skin care routine, make sure you do your homework before you book:

  • Thoroughly check out the spa, salon, professional or aesthetician; ask for recommendations from a friend or look at online reviews.
  • If you are getting a treatment for a special occasion, plan ahead, don’t leave your booking until the last minute.
  • Discuss any concerns or skin conditions with your spa professional or skin aesthetician before your appointment. Tell them if you have any allergies or are taking any medications.
  • If you have sensitive skin, ask your specialist to perform a patch test or ask for product samples to test for sensitivity at home.

What’s Involved?

They will vary considerably depending upon type of treatment, the products used, the spa you choose (as well as what you are willing to pay). The basics should:

-Provide deep cleansing
-Remove or reduce blackheads and whiteheads
-Soften and moisturise dry or dehydrated skin
-Smooth or remove dry skin through exfoliation, a gentle scrub or gentle peel
-Strengthen the skins natural barriers
-Plump the skin and temporarily smooth out wrinkles
-Help to reduce discolouration, improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles following more intense treatments
-Target any skin conditions or sensitivities
-Be appropriate for your skin type and any skin sensitivity you may have.