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A review from the day spa shop in Torquay

Posted on March 9, 2016 Beauty shop

No matter how old you are, proper skincare is important. If you are younger, you can prevent premature ageing. If you’re older, your skin may already be showing signs of age, and focusing on your skin can help you reverse them. This month from our day spa shop we are all about our LiTya ‘Marine Collagen Relief Gel’ for it’s insanely soothing and hydrating properties!

An after-sun organic marine plant collagen gel treatment, that effectively helps to rebuild skin-cells and absolutely suitable for all types of skins, be it mature, dry, sensitive or combination. Fantastic kept cold in the fridge with it’s highly nutritious Aloe Vera content and even better popped on if you’ve enjoyed a day in the sun (or beaching it on one of our glorious Torquay beaches) for instant soothing.

Other very important features include Mother of Pearl for smoothing and renewing our skins surface and essential oils of Grapefruit (toning), Sandalwood (strengthening), Clary Sage (balancing), Ylang Ylang (nourishing) and Frangipani (restoring).

To use Marine Collagen Relief Gel simply cleanse your face (ideally with LiTya Lilly Pilly Cleanser), spritz with LiTya Wild Rosella Mist and then apply a small amount of treatment gel to the face and neck. Use twice daily morning and night and you’ll be well on your way to a radiant complexion.

Shop in our online day spa shop from Torquay in your own time or for any enquires to maximise more results please contact us.  Proper skincare takes effort and time, but the time you put in will be reflected in the appearance of your skin!