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Day spa treatments for the men of Torquay

Posted on June 11, 2017 image

We have effective and enjoyable day spa treatments for men, right here in Torquay. Today’s modern man has nothing to fear and everything to gain from visiting us. Speaking from experience the men’s spa experience should be easy, keeping it -Effective, Active, Sensuous and Youthful.

Day spa treatments for men are growing at a fast pace. They’re usually after something different to the women as most males don’t feel particularly drawn the idea of ‘pampering’. The guys like to see classy but understated therapies that will do some positive good. They want to appreciate that their skin looks and feels better, or that their muscles feel relieved afterwards. It’s got to be fun and different, luxurious even, and has to feel like it’s in some way enhancing their natural youth.

With that being said, here’s our most popular treats:

Deep tissue or sports massages: Always popular as they have obvious, recognisable physical purpose. Massage can get the the base of current problems, and leave you physically and mentally chilled out afterwards, as well as feeling back in control of your body.

Body exfoliation: Something different and a bit fun, that usually accompanies the women on spa packages, but totally rejuvenating, gets the blood flowing, invigorating and leaves you feeling treated, detoxed and very clean.

Facials: Great for a first day spa visit, if your nervous about the whole experience. It doesn’t involve getting your gear off, is relaxing, varied, effective, youthful and deep down makes you feel good about yourself. Also guys tend to use minimal products on their skin, such as a moisturiser on a daily basis, the effects of the thorough facial can get amazing results.

If it’s to feel treated like a king (which of course, is no more than deserved) then contact us in Torquay for more!