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Amazing day spa facials for teenage skin in Torquay

Posted on August 10, 2017

imageWe’re all for encouragement at this time in a teenagers life, who can be quite stressed from up coming exams in which the added anxiety can show in our youth. Here we can take classic teenage skin (not just for the girls!) for a deep-cleanse facial so that it’s clearer and they can learn some useful cleansing habits from experiencing day spa facials. Teens skins don’t need invasive procedures.

Being a teenager, you don’t use any harsh products or techniques, facials can be very beneficial for typical young skin. That’s why we stick to facial treatments in our Torquay spa specifically designed with the teenage in mind: these are less likely to involve deep exfoliation or peels which can unbalance the skin and cause more issues rather than solving existing ones.

A word of advice- although you may think it’s better to start thinking about anti-ageing treatments when you’re young, don’t worry about these type of treatments until you actually start ageing. It can be too much for the face to handle and be over-active or too stimulating and serve no purpose.

Our Babor spa facial or starter treatment are the ones to choose from the day spa facials list. They are individualised, thorough and the products alone are capable of ‘lifting’ the blackheads or healing and drawing on the pustules. Great basic cleansing, balancing and moisturising, with compassionate, professional after care and education for home.

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