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Spray tanning for the ultimate beach day in Torquay

Posted on November 28, 2017 image

A Torquay beach day with your besties should leave you on a sunny high knowing you’ve had the best spray tanning treatment available on the coast. The summertime sun can cause you some real lifelong damage (even though it maybe fun building on that kissed glow), getting yourself an instant golden tan is the safest most effective start you can have!

If you’re into what you feed yourself and feed your skin you’ll love our organic TechnoTan solutions. Containing high quality natural ingredients and botanical herb extracts such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Kakadu Plum and Green Tea. The key ingredient being the Organic Dihyroxyactetone otherwise known as DHA (which enables colour change in the skin) is derived from sugar cane and is if the highest grade available in Australia.

A must to remember is that all spray tanning treatments don’t leave an SPF on your skin, so it’s important to always protect yourself with a great sunscreen, particularly if your out for prolonged periods. It’s easy to forget when you’re already looking so tanned! TechnoTan is known for its extra nourishment it gives the skin whilst rejuvenating its look and feel, producing a natural looking, longer lasting tan that smells insanely tropical.

Beach days bring happiness to our souls and restfulness to our minds-so enjoy what Torquay has to bring this summer; with the crashing waves, salty hair and light breezes. In the moment, nothing feels better than sinking your toes in the sand, starring at the ocean with an incredibly tanned body alongside your mates (I think we’d all agree)!

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