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Hottest summer look with the best spray tan in Torquay

Posted on February 26, 2018

Lets face it, life is better with a spray tan! Having a beautiful sun kissed colour can help improve your self confidence and overall appearance at anytime of year we all know that! Those hot summer days on the gorgeous beaches of Torquay make it easy to soak up the sun rays and get a natural glow, but …. Then along comes winter and our beautiful tanned skin disappears as does the sun.

So what do we need to bring out that spunk and summer vibe? A little spray on of course!

Here at Saltair day spa we use one of the best tanning solutions on the market that is also moisturising – Techno Tan. We have done our research and this organic solution is one you can’t beat! Everyone comments on the natural colour and different depths you can achieve, zero smell and we promise no orange here! Our technicians are fully qualified and trained to best match the colour solution to your individual skin tone so you will get that incredible luminous look no matter what!

Once you have been tanned it is important to leave the solution on for the recommended time to best maximise your results. You need to be patient and not participate in any physical exercise soon after or even house hold chores such as the dishes – what a shame!

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