Saltair Spa

Pedicure treatments like no other in Torquay

Posted on April 7, 2018 spray tan torquay

We tend to look after our body, face and hair but how many of us take the time to look after what is really important – our feet!

Most of us are on them all day, and lets face it, if we have sore tootsies it can ruin our day or night in so many ways. Long beach walks in Torquay will have you screaming for many rejuvenating pedicure treatments to come! We’re here to liven those feet which, if you like, could help keep you dancing all night long!

I’m sure many of us may be a touch embarrassed when it comes to the overall condition and appearance of our feet. Our Saltair foot treatment is like no other! You will slip into a relaxing foot soak, feel the invigoration of a sea salt exfoliation and heel buff. Experience a peppermint and pepper berry stimulating mask, a much needed massage and an even more intensive nourishment and infusion with a paraffin wax in completion.

Our pedicure treatments are the ultimate way to bring those walking machines back to life. No more hiding cracked heals and dry skin. You will be left with absolute silky smooth tootsies and will be proud to show them off!

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