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3 Ampoules from our Babor online shop we’re loving this month

Posted on May 17, 2018

“Glowing skin is youthful, sexy and modern”

Our new Babor ampoules are tiny glass vials that can effect true miracles! Instantly beautifying and specially formulated so that they can be absorbed by the skin exceptionally well without leaving a trace of residue. Now available from our Babor online shop here in Torquay.

“The fluids work effectively and take effect quickly.” It’s also nice to know that they prolong the life of injectables and can be used with any other product range safely. These little beauties are like a serum on steroids! We recommend intergrating an ampoule regimen into your skin care routine once a month.

Here’s what we’re loving in our favourite Torquay destination right now:

Hydra plus- This Hydra plus concentrate is like a burst of hydration and is a thirst quencher for the skin. You’ll be glowing and full of moisture after this little beauty touches the surface. It instantly repairs hydrated skin through the use of hyaluronic acid.

Stop Stress Fluid – This serum does wonders for stressed and sensitive skin and helps display an even skin tone and appearance. The use of wild indigo and pathenol helps reduce and calm stress-induced redness and inflammation.

Collagen booster- One of our most popular ampoules for those who are wanting to say goodbye to sagging skin and fine lines. These extremely active tripeptides trigger the skins natural collagen production and boost the construction of collagen fibres. Your skin will look more elastic as if rewoven from the inside and will help with the prevention of wrinkles.

Contact us or visit our Babor online shop located in Torquay for more lush ampoules and products.