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Facials from our Unique Torquay day Spa

Posted on June 6, 2018

Facials are a luxury that some people have never had before or often don’t know exactly what is involved. This week from our unique Torquay Day Spa we are going through what to expect and the purpose of our luxurious facials. 

Prep: Makeup or no makeup come as you are as the first step will involve washing and cleansing the skin. Although you don’t really need to undress you may feel more comfortable in a soft robe. Facials can also be included on any of our day spa packages and are a wonderful little addition. You will also have a protective band which will cover your hair line.

Products: Your therapist will assess your skin type and use the appropriate products and range for your epidermis. Masks will mostly be applied by either a brush or spatula whilst hands will be used to apply cleansing creams, face oils and massage techniques. Nice and warm towels will be used to remove the skincare products.

Massage: The highlight and often the favourite part of any beautiful day spa treatment! You will enjoy a luxurious and relaxing massage of the face, neck, head, shoulders, arms and the feet. This will help to destress and get rid of any neck tension that you may have. This is the perfect accompaniment to a facial.

Lastly, facial times vary anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes.

Please contact us for further information about our facials in Torquay.