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Soothing mud wrap day spa packages in Torquay

Posted on July 26, 2018

Many of our day spa packages in Torquay have numerous treatment combinations but this week we are highlighting one of our favourites, the body mud wrap. This is a nourishing cocoon which is designed to help hydrate or firm the skin, loosen up and sooth your muscles and cleanse or heal your epidermis. Find out what we are loving about one of these very special day spa packages..

This treat includes the combination of a remedial mask – herbal pastes, mineral clays or calming creams – with thermal coverings. Whilst there are many different types of body wraps out there we just love our blend of our native clay mud. It is made up of essential oils including native Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Macadamia nut oil (if you have any allergies we do have nut and seed free oils available). All of these ingredients are designed to have a curing effect on the body, promoting cleansed skin that is hydrated and softer whilst relaxing and soothing the muscles.

What you can expect from a mud treatment

Firstly you will undress or change into disposable underwear that is provided in the privacy of your treatment room. Next, you will experience a gentle scrub or exfoliation to get rid of all those dead skin-cells. Once your skin has been primed, your highly trained therapist will apply the remedial body mask to your torso, legs and arms, where you will be wrapped in warmth for approximately 20 minutes. Hot tip – why not enjoy a mini facial treatment whilst being relaxed in your cocoon!

Once being freed from your warm clay, you may feel a chill at first but you will soon heat up after a nice warm shower. You can scrub away any remaining nourishment before your therapist massages an oil blend moisturiser into your new fresh skin!

Contact us for more information about this relaxing and nourishing treatment right here in beautiful Torquay!