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3 loves for Ampoules we have from our day spa gift shop

Posted on November 23, 2018 babor facial melbourne


If you haven’t heard about our amazing Babor ampoules in and around Torquay -then you have been missing out! We absolutely love these little instant beauty vials.. Visible and fast absorbing, ampoules provide a boost of intense moisture and help to revitalise the skin in many ways. The results they prove are huge and are now also easy to purchase as a gift from our Torquay online day spa shop!

Suitable for all skin types – One of the main reasons we are crazy about them is that there is one for every skin type! With over 10 different types of ampoules there is one suitable for all so no one misses out on the instant results that are created.

Produce immediate visible effects – Every vial is power packed with a different range of high-dose active ingredients which provide immediate results, now who wouldn’t love that? Introduce one of these into your skin care routine and you will never look back!

Easy to use – Every pack includes a clip to break the top off the vials. You then pour out approximately half of the ampoule onto your hands and gently apply to your face and décolletage. Wait until it has had a chance to sink into the skin before finishing the remainder of the vial. Once completed, finish off with a moisturiser and you are on your way to your best skin yet!

Contact us at our Torquay day spa and join in on our small but mighty gift miracle workers!