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Deep tissue benefits from our Torquay Day Spa

Posted on December 3, 2018 massage, deep tissue massage

A treatment that is running hot at the moment from our Torquay Day Spa is our deep tissue massage. If you are someone who likes to push yourself in the gym or are often active and working out then look no further – this is great for speeding up healing and recovery time and is something that should be incorporated into your health care routine!

Many of our clients like to keep fit and healthy so our deep tissue massage is a ‘go to’ treatment for them as it helps in so many ways:

-Muscle loosening

-Decreased amount of injuries by getting rid of muscle tension

-Relief around swelling of the joints

-Enhanced body strength and flexibility

-Helps to fight fatigue

-Faster and easier recovery after exercise

Although this treatment isn’t designed to pamper or relax you, it is very beneficial and will help ease your muscles. This is perfect for anyone who runs around after small kids all the time and especially those who have been out surfing the waves of Torquay.

Make sure you drink plenty of water post-treatment and you may be a little sore afterward your deep tissue massage but this is completely normal. Try to have some good relaxing downtime after this treatment!

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