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Favourite day spa facials in Torquay for teenage skin

Posted on December 13, 2018 facial, torquay

For most teenagers it can be a stressful time in their lives especially when dealing with schooling and exams. This can take a toll on their skin and is something that even the boys can help treat too! Our day spa facials can be a good insight into a proper treatment and a skincare routine.

Facials can be very valuable for regular young epidermis and often a good cleanse, exfoliation and moisturise could be all that’s needed. They don’t need any harsh products or procedures which could end up doing more harm than good as it can cause an imbalance in the skin. In the wonderful hills of Torquay we have a handful of our favourite treatments that are suitable for teens.

Our Babor spa or luxury treatment are the ones to choose from our luxury spa facials list. These are individualised and suitable for all epidermis types and offer an introduction into a routine. The products used in these are effective and are capable of ‘lifting’ or healing the blackheads. Our therapists are all highly trained and can also assist in providing them with appropriate after and home care. They are also accompanied by a small amount of massage time, which will also help to ease their stressed minds.

Contact us in our Torquay day spa to find out more about our favourite treat for teenagers!