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Our 4 favourite performance facials in Torquay

Posted on January 12, 2019 performance facials torquay
Performance facials are all about the experience and results you receive. You want to feel relaxed, spoilt, vibrant and refreshed all at the same time. We welcome you to our award winning day spa in Torquay. Here is a few our favourites that are sure to leave you feeling like a queen!
So, as voted our 4 favourite performance facials are:

1.    Collagen booster- When we think of collage we think of plump plump plump! Your epidermis will intensely firm, aid with wrinkle correction and help increase its elasticity for younger looking and feeling skin! Say goodbye to wrinkles with this performance treatment you are sure to love.

2.    Vitamin C – A real favourite! A rejuvenating treatment suitable for all epidermis types which offers a bright and even complexion. It includes a 10% fruit acid peel and 20% vitamin C booster concentrate to help with pigmentation and sun damage.

3.    Ultrasound therapy – One of our new favourites to hit our Day spa in Torquay which we just can’t get enough of! Through the use of different sound frequencies it helps correct blemishes, uv damage and fine line and wrinkles. You will see instant results with your epidermis feeling smoother and tighter.

4.    Microdermabrasion – A machine that uses tiny little crystals to exfoliate, enliven and enhance your skin cells. Amazing for rejuvenation and improving texture and tone.

So don’t be shy, come in and let us spoil you and give your skin the loving it deserves.

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