Saltair Spa

Day spa packages for the Men of Torquay

Posted on February 1, 2019

People often wonder if our day spa packages are for females only or if they are suitable for males too, and our answer is yes! Men please do not be shy, we have numerous treatments available at our Torquay spa that will leave you feeling like a king.

Some of our most popular treatments for Men include the therapeutic and deep tissue massage. A lot of our Torquay clients love to go out and hit the surf so these are very beneficial for them to help speed up their recovery time. Our therapists will help to ease those tired and aching muscles, whilst stimulating the blood flow and relieve any swelling of the joints.

Another popular treatment for our males believe it or not are our facials! Men are less likely to look after their skin or use products, which means they always see amazing results and benefits after a thorough facial! They often drift off into a state of complete relaxation whilst our therapist performs the head and shoulder massage (a highlight for most people). This treat is exactly what they need to escape the world for a while.

Please contact us in our Torquay day spa for more.