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A bronzed glow with our spray tans in Torquay

Posted on March 3, 2019 spray tan torquay

Are you hitting the beaches of Torquay or heading off to special occasion that you want to be a bronzed goddess for? (Or just want to for no apparent reason)! Our TechnoTan is the perfect solution for you, and will have you looking your best in as little as 2 hours.

Spray tans are now a way of life and are getting more and more popular by the second. But be careful if you are showing off your new glow and bikini at the beach as tans do not have SPF in them. Try and avoid the oil based sunscreen to get the most out of your tan!

A good idea is to exfoliate your body before your tan so it has a smoother surface to be applied to. Being sprayed by a qualified technician is very important so they can accurately match the solution to your complexion for a more natural looking tan. TechnoTan is made from the finest certified and organic ingredients which helps stop the tan from going orange. Once the tan has been applied it doesn’t take long until it dries so you shouldn’t feel sticky for too long.

Contact us in Torquay for a sun kissed and golden spray tan you will be sure to love!