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Keep Your Skin Protected In Isolation

Posted on April 30, 2020

Let’s talk about digital ageing.

You’re probably aware that the sun’s powerful UV rays can be quite damaging to your skin. But what about other types of light, like the warm glow of a computer screen or a smartphone? 

The culprit is the High Energy Visible Light (HEV, also known as blue light) emitted by our phones, computers and TV screen, which some experts within our beauty industry claim it could be as ageing as sun damage!  

Although it’s very doubtful that anyone will be giving up their devices any time soon, there is something Saltair can do for you to prevent the acceleration of ageing caused by our beloved computers and smartphone screens. 

And our solution is BABOR Vitalizing Range!  

Here we have an inclusive range that offers damage prevention with the aid of our amazing Blue Light Protection agent. 

This range allows you to shield and protect your skin from digital ageing in your daily skin care routine to ensure constant and fullest protection from our devices. Found in the following skincare products;

-Vitalizing Moisturizer (Vitalizing cream + Cream rich)
-Vitalizing Serum
-Vitalizing Cream Facial Mask

Let’s all slow down the ageing process whilst we are indoors by incorporating one or all of Saltair’s BABOR Vitalizing Range into our skin care routines, because something so small can do something so hugely dramatic to our skin!  

Lastly, always ensure you follow up your skin care routine with BABOR Protection Balm SPF 50+ for your isolation walks.  

Contact any Saltair Spa for more information, or find the Vitalizing range on BABOR ONLINE SHOP for fast and easy purchase.