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Is Hyaluronic Acid safe?

Posted on May 18, 2020

Hyaluronic  acid. To the unknown, it may sound like something you don’t want to put anywhere near your face. But what if we told you that hyaluronic acid holds the key to smooth, impeccable and hydrated skin? 

Aesthetic Doctor, Dr. Maryam Zamani has said Hyaluronic Acid is critical in maintaining skin hydration 

Don’t fear the name, because unlike some other acids, hyaluronic acid doesn’t strip the skin or cause any downtime. Dr Zamani has stated that ‘it is different than other acids which are used to exfoliate’. 

HA is a natural and powerful moisture-binding and locking  substance that provides the hydration that every skin needs!

Sounds amazing right? So, if you are someone who isn’t already adding this crucial ingredient into your skin care routine, Saltair Day Spa is here to help!  

Doctor BABOR Pro Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate combines 4 different hyaluronic acids to deliver intensive surface hydration. It helps improve the skins elasticity with long lasting effects and helps to plump the surface. 

The 4 amazing hyaluronic acids included in this serum all work at a different level to ensure maximum results for your skin

-It helps to form a protective film against moisture loss on the skin.

-It helps to optimize the moisture content and preserves the moisture balance in the long term.

-It helps to improve moisture absorption in the deepest of the skin’s layers.  

But most importantly, assists in the nurturing of a skin under stress – this includes various skin inflammations, acnes, and compromised barriers.

This is an essential for everyone’s skin care routine, and we here at Saltair Day Spa are here to guarantee amazing skin for the rest of your life.

Invest in your skin, as it is here to represent you for life. 

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