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Is Silver, Skin Friendly? 

Posted on June 27, 2020

Is Silver, Skin Friendly? 

With  endless  caution  surrounding  silver  and the skin,  it’s hard to know which  [if any]  are  safe  to be  in our skincare 

MicroSilver  is  beyond the  exception – Designed to target  &  eliminate bacteria and inflammation in the skin  without triggering irritation.  Teamed up with  Neuroxyl, we actively work to  neutralize  the nerve receptors in the skin to reduce redness and reactivity. This  duo  is a  long-term assistance and prevention ingredient for anyone who is suffering from: 

Cystic Acne 

-Hormonal/Inflamed  Acne 






Using Micro silver Serum regularly in your skin care routine will not only strengthen your skins ability to prevent the growth of bad bacteria that causes impurities and breakouts but also relive tension caused by severely dry skin including itchiness, flakiness and redness  by  helping to  soothe and strengthen the skins natural protective barrier  and  produce a more balanced,  calmer  and less  stressed skin complexion. 

If  MicroSilver  is  resonating with you and your own individual skin concerns/conditionsat Saltair we offer this ingredient in 3 different forms –  we can apply one product to boost your  skin, or  create an entire skincare routine based around with the following products:

DOCTOR BABOR Intensive Calming Cleanser

DOCTOR BABOR PRO Microsilver Concentate

DOCTOR BABOR Intensive Calming Cream

DOCTOR BABOR Intensive Calming Cream Rich

You  won’t  be  disappointed by this life  changing,  and skin saving ingredient. Restore confidence and love the skin  you’re  in! 

Use in conjunction with LED in spa to accelerate your results.

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