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24 Days of Christmas Melbourne

Posted on November 14, 2020


As Christmas approaches and we prepare for the the Summer madness of family gatherings, activities and work deadlines, we tend to inadvertently neglect our skin.

The time dedicated to facials and skin health can sometimes be re-allocated, and as the stress builds, we begin to notice that our skin needs a little pick me up – a quick fix to offer us the effortless glow that we get from our beloved skin treatments.

And as many of our beloved clients know, there is a quick pathway in achieving this – For those unfamiliar with BABOR’s 24 days of medicine home plan, we introduce to you a wide scale treatment plan for promoting supple, hydrated and youthful skin – The Ampoule Christmas Calendar.

Ampoules are BABOR’s hero product with over 40 million being produced and used each year and growing. Each ampoule has the concentration power of 6 serums or 8 moisturizers which penetrate through to the deepest layers of our skin – each differently tailored towards skin health and optimal youth.

Includes the following diverse assortment:

Hydra Plus Active Fluid Concentrates for ultimate hydration with the assistance of hyaluronic acid.

Active Algae Fluid Concentrates offering the skin a vitalized, fresh and rosy complexion.

Stop Stress Fluid Concentrates soothes and protects the skin from stress induced ageing.

Beauty Rescue Concentrates strengthens your skin for more resistance and radiance.

Active Night Concentrates active recovery of skin cells overnight.

3D Firming Liquid Concentrates improves tissue firmness and skin elasticity.

Lift Express Concentrates immediate tightening and anti-wrinkle effect.

Grand Cru collection – rose, white and black for optimal rejuvenation and protection.

To be used daily, weekly or for special occasions, the calendar is the perfect gift to your self or loved one that’s in need of a skin boost.

Contact your nearest Saltair Spa for further information, or purchase here.