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Melbourne’s Battle Against Topical Inflammation

Posted on November 14, 2020

In most cases, difficult circumstances and events can effect more than just our lives – As our stress and hormones increase, our skin health can become compromised.

Commonly, redness is one of the largest indicators of stress on the skin. And symptoms should be addressed before it develops into further irritations and conditions.

Hypersensitivity and inflammation comes in several different variations – symptoms can also be associated with tightness, itching, raises/bumps, and bacterial breakouts.

But what can we do to alleviate symptoms without (or in conjunction with) the aid of device based skin treatments?

As of June 2019, BABOR introduced a new and intricate range for acute skin conditions. This gives the option to tailor skin care to treat specific symptoms in a higher and more concentrated dosage. Aside anti ageing, the most commonly treated symptoms align under the umbrella of sensitivity and inflammation.

DOCTOR BABOR PRO Boswellia Concentrate: The Anti Inflammatory. A hydrating concentrate that helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function with Boswellia extract and has a regulating effect.

DOCTOR BABOR PRO Ceramide Concentrate: The Barrier Fixer. A creamy concentrate that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and protects the skin against moisture loss and external influences. Also available in both a lighter and richer 24 hour moisturizer.

DOCTOR BABOR PRO Beta Glucan Concentrate: The Fire Extinguisher. A nourishing concentrate that helps to quickly and effectively “put out the fires” on acutely stressed skin and boost the skin’s natural defense mechanisms. Also available in a daily toner.

DOCTOR BABOR PRO Microsilver Concentate: The Anti Bacterial. An effective concentrate that aids in eliminating bacteria without stressing the skin, alleviating itching and irritation from dry, dehydrated, flaky, sensitive and problematic skin. Also available in a cream cleanser, and both a lighter and richer 24 hour moisturizer.

Whilst we must address our internal fluctuations with nutritious foods and stress management, topical treatment is equally as important in strengthening the skin’s own protective barrier and promoting harmony and regeneration.

For advice on what will be better suited to your skin, Contact your nearest Saltair Spa, or book in for a Self Care Moments consultation.