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Pregnancy’s Influence On The Skin

Posted on November 14, 2020 Day Spa Package

Women’s bodies experience significant and complex physiological change during pregnancy. Every system in the body is impacted during this life event including the endocrine, immune, metabolic and vascular systems.

For some, pregnancy can bring about improvement in the skin, whereas others are not so lucky. Depending whether or not you are experiencing any pre-existing skin conditions or diseases, these may very well be exacerbated or ameliorated during pregnancy.

Hyper pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation is darkening of certain areas in the skin caused by melanin. During pregnancy, the hormone estrogen increases the output of melanin by melanocytes. This in turn creates dark patches in the skin.

It often starts in the first trimester and occurs in areas that are already pigmented such as freckles, areola, recent scars and genitals. These pigmented areas can sometimes even enlarge during pregnancy.

Melasma and Chloasma affects 45-75% of women during pregnancy. It is a type of pigmentation that creates a ‘mask’ over the face. Generally, replicating a similar pattern of melanin on each cheek or across the nose and/or forehead.


There are many factors which can contribute to the formation of acne however, during pregnancy, our hormones increase which can therefore affect our skin’s integrity.

Acne commonly appears in the third trimester with the increase of sebaceous function and androgen production. When excess oil is produced it creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and spread. As congestion increases, the skin will send white blood cells to fight the infected follicles which can often appear as pustules, surrounded by inflammation.

Progesterone in particular is an androgen that is responsible for stimulating sebum production. This hormone increases substantially during pregnancy, hence why many women face the challenges of acne, more commonly in their final trimester.

For some women, pre-existing skin conditions like acne may significantly improve with the hormonal changes during pregnancy, resulting in a ‘glow’ or rather radiant looking skin. This is mainly due to the increase in blood volume which creates a flushed, healthy complexion as vascularity becomes more robust.

To maintain and promote healthy skin during pregnancy it’s important to get plenty of rest, water, nutritious food and a great home care routine to compliment and support the changes your skin will endure.

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