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Skin & Skincare Routine FAQ’s Torquay

Posted on February 19, 2021

I drink water, why is my skin dry?

Unfortunately, only roughly 13% of the water that we drink assists in hydrating our skin! This is why it’s so important to use high quality ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid to topically hydrate our skin in addition to keeping away from harmful stripping agents in our skincare.

How can I stop my capillaries from breaking?

A skin that is prone to broken capillaries would largely benefit from a Vitamin C or Couperose Serum or Cream to aid the strengthening of the capillary wall, and should opt for a gentle chemical peel exfoliation option such a AHA Overnight Peel as opposed to physical granular abrasion such as Gentle Peeling. But like all skin, the main goal is optimal skin health and strength, which as mentioned in our last post means avoiding any products in your routine containing SLS, and ensuring that you exfoliate weekly (no SLS) and incorporate a high quality Hyaluronic Acid such as Hyaluron Infusion.

Should I be using a serum?

Between brands, serums come in wide varieties allowing you to effectively target your skin from all generalized to acute conditions. Most importantly, serums have the ability to penetrate far deeper into the skin than any moisturizer, which provides the skin with maximum hydration – serum usage often decreases the amount of moisturizer required in your finishing application, but most importantly aids optimal skin health.

Should I be using a granular or chemical peel as my exfoliant?

Both options are amazing for the skin, but often using a lower % chemical peel such as AHA Overnight Peel can be better suited for a weaker skin that can’t withstand abrasion comfortably, where as a granular exfoliation can feel far more satisfying physically buffing on a thicker and stronger skin – but noting a thicker and stronger skin can achieve more thorough results from a higher % chemical peel such as AHA 10+10.

Any further concerns?

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