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Do I need Sunscreen in Winter?

Posted on March 26, 2021

As long term skin clinicians, one of the most common seasonal behavioural changes we see from our clients through-out the year is giving sun protection a miss unless the sun is visually present – this is of course most commonly seen during the months of Winter and early Spring. And as we enter into Autumn and the weather begins to shift, it’s important to bring light to the question: is sunscreen really necessary during the months of gloom and rain?

Despite the lack of direct sunlight or ‘shine’, the sun is still hard at work, and compromising our skin’s health.

Whilst it’s common to associate sunburn with sun exposure, the sun actually generates 2 variations of radiation that effect the skin on two different structural levels (epidermis & dermis), each with their own unique long-term consequences over time. Symptoms of exposure to UVA rays are usually silently developed, and not often noticed until years later, whereas UVB exposure often results in sun burn – severity depending on exposure time.

During the months of rain and grey skies, we don’t see as much UVB. But we are still receiving a healthy level of exposure from our photoaging UVA rays, which plays a large role in the development of wrinkles, melanin and discoloration in the skin, despite the lack of direct sun. And not only that, the lack of protection from these rays can often hinder the results of any corrective skin treatments and skincare regimes performed.

Undoubtedly, sun protection is integral for the skin all year round when preventing and/or correcting pigmentation and premature ageing, and in preserving skin youth.

However, the most commonly seen feedback regarding SPF is the texture – This feedback has been heard, and thus created the BABOR SPF 50+ cream: An ultra-light weight, immune boosting topical cream that protects the skin from UVA, UVB and HEV (blue light/device).

Apply over your day cream and enjoy sun protection without feeling oily or discomfort through the day.

For further information on skin and skincare. Contact your nearest Saltair Spa or visit the BABOR Online Store to purchase yours now and stay protected this winter!