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Skin Health with Skin Professionals

Posted on April 27, 2021

When was the last time that you checked in with a skin therapist that your products and routine are creating the most effective pathway to your skin goals and ultimate skin health?

Through the internet, unqualified prescriptions, celebrity endorsements, etc. we have ongoing exposure to misinformation and misguidance on skin health and skin care. Over time, through repetition, circulating myths and ill advice, these products or habits can find their way into our homecare routines. And unfortunately, in most cases this leads to skin sensitivity, compromised barriers, bacteria development, and most commonly seen – premature ageing.

Once the skin reaches a point of stress response, it is imperative that a trusted skin professional is sought out for guidance and corrective treatment – In order to get the best results from your skin, your therapist will follow 5 simple tiers for skin health: consultation, analysis, treatment, prescription & follow up.

Consultation: Before your therapist even touches your skin, a thorough and honest questionnaire regarding your lifestyle, diet, current skincare, routine and medications must be had to assist dictating whether your skin’s stress response is topical or internal.

Analysis: Once acquiring all appropriate information, through touch and examination your therapist can then build a clear diagnostic understanding of your skin and from there can build an effective treatment and homecare plan.

Treatment: Clinical skin treatments are arguably the largest step in achieving your skin health goals. With an array of devices now available that allow us work into the deepest layers of the skin with complete precision and personalization, they are a proven asset to any skin health plan. And in addition, allow for maximum absorption of homecare products.

Prescription: Designing the most effective home care plan is integral for managing and promoting skin health in between clinic visits as what you feed your skin is just as important as what you feed your body – With a properly curated skincare regime by a skin professional, you will see ongoing improvements that encourages recovery and skin health longevity, whereas incorrect products and applications can hinder and even harm your progression and skin.

Follow up: Our skin can be rather temperamental, and forever changing and adapting to new surroundings, products and general life stressors. It’s important that your therapist is able to track and monitor your skins progress, and make the appropriate alterations to your treatment and skincare plans as required to ensure that you’re always on the most effective pathway to optimal skin health.

If you haven’t had a skin assessment in a while or are needing some professional guidance, contact your nearest Saltair Spa on 5261 3955 or book a skin consultation here.