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Ceramides & their Contribution to Skin Health

Posted on May 7, 2021

Ceramide: What is it? What does it do? Do I need it?

Ceramides are a fundamental contributor to your skin’s barrier – These lipids assist in keeping the skin strong, healthy and increase their ability to fight off bacteria, free radicals, and maintain a balanced PH. However, similarly so with collagen, the skin on it’s own will gradually produce less and less ceramides over time.

Without ceramides, the barrier becomes compromised resulting in dry and dehydrated skin.  This can then lead into sensitivity and weakened skin, especially if the skin has ongoing exposure to a harmful environment or chemicals during this period. Replacing the skin’s ceramide is crucial in it’s recovery process back to a strong and healthy barrier.

But how can I replace the missing ceramides in my skin?

Firstly, it’s important that if your skin reaches a point of stress or sensitivity that you see a skin specialist right away.  A weakened barrier can be the result of adverse effects from certain chemicals in some skincare, so when we look at skin health recovery, we need to shift focus to what we are exposing our skin to.

Once we have assessed and located our issues, it’s time to begin correction and ongoing protection.

Your therapist will more than likely prescribe a ceramide based serum &/or moisturizer into your routine to ensure that you are replacing those lost from the skin. This will traditionally be either of the following:

DOCTOR BABOR PRO Ceramide Serum. A light molecular structured ceramide that allows for maximum penetration into the skin whilst providing well needed nourishment.

DOCTOR BABOR PRO Ceramide Cream. A rich weight moisturizer that will protect and nourish a skin under stress.

DOCTOR BABOR PRO LMS Cream. A light weight moisturizer best suited for an oilier skin that will protect and nourish a skin under stress.

All of these products above will rebuild the skin to alleviate redness, reaction, itchiness and bacteria development. It’s the perfect product series to give your skin some love to increase its own protective functions to ensure its protected from the external stressors that cause our skin to become red and irritated.

If your skin is feeling weakened, stressed or sensitive, book in for a skin consultation or visit our online store to start replacing your lost ceramides now!

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