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Torquay’s $189 90 minute Facial

Posted on May 16, 2021

The 90 minute facial – where Facial and Massage therapy truly compliment one another in one luxurious service.

But first, what is LED?

LightStim LED is an infrared light that encourages present and ongoing healing – addressing all categories of regeneration making it optimal for skin ageing, scarring, bacteria, inflammation, and overall skin healing.

As this is occurring, we feel a familiar warmth overcome our body and mind – Are we actually laying in the sun? No, but it feels like we are on a summer vacation! Because as the sun does, the LED is also stimulating our favourite  feel-good neurotransmitter – Serotonin! But without the accompanying UV damage. On that note, back to our new service.

60 minute facials already have so many massage components, how exactly have we extended this into a 90 minute service? Our Classic Skinovage Facial has met Saltair Massage therapy and infused together to create the perfect balance.

HyOl Cleanse: Starting with a a signature BABOR ritual, feel the dirt and debris lift with our beloved HyOl cleanse tailored to your skin type.

Exfoliation: Enjoy your fresh new skin as our moisturizing yoghurt exfoliation Gentle Peeling is applied to remove your dead skin for ultimate rejuvenation.

Ampoule: Prepare the skin and apply our famous Hydra Plus Ampoule to hydrate and nourish the skin – being 6x stronger than a usual serum, the skin will immediately feel hydrated and plump.

LED Light Therapy: As you bask underneath the red and amber light, energy stimulates skin cells, and the energy from the different coloured lights help to recharge tired and dull skin by penetrating deeply into the layers and creating a variety of reactions required to boost radiance and resilience.

Leg & Foot massage: Apply our signature Saltair Massage to the legs and feet with the luxurious BABOR Foot Balm.

Scalp massage: Feel your tension wither away with a nurturing scalp massage.

Facial massage: Relax your facial muscles with an expert pressure point massage with a tailored Skinovage 5.2 cream.

Neck & Décolletage massage: Notice your tension reduce as you lay back and enjoy a thorough neck and shoulder massage, working deep into your knots and built tension.

Tailored Cream Mask: Feel your skin absorb a nourishing tailored BABOR Cream Mask applied with a light feather brush.

Hand & Arm massage: Apply our signature Saltair Massage to the Hands & Arms with the luxurious BABOR Daily Hand Cream.

Eye Cream: Hydrate, protect and energize the eye area with the Skinovage Vitalizing Eye Cream.

Tailored Day Cream: Conclude your service with your barrier protection Skinovage 5.1 Cream tailored to your skin type and concerns for ultimate hydration and glow.

If you’re in need of a 90 minute facial, click here to book online, or contact your nearest Saltair Spa.