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Spray tanning for the ultimate beach day in Torquay

November 28, 2017

A Torquay beach day with your besties should leave you on a sunny high knowing you’ve had the best spray tanning treatment available on the coast. The summertime sun can cause you some real lifelong damage (even though it maybe fun building on that kissed glow), getting yourself an instant golden tan is the safest…

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Pregnancy advice with massage and day spa treatments

November 8, 2017

Enjoying the day spa for two has its added benefits. From helping you to stay relaxed to giving you the opportunity to de-stress. Although it is a time that does require some alterations in your spa’ing’ experience. Here’s a few extra things to keep in mind for your next ‘time-out’ you take in Torquay. Do-…

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Benefits our Torquay clients receive from deep tissue massage

September 19, 2017

Deep tissue massage treatments can use a variety of pressure (often deeper, more intense and focused than in relaxation styles) to speed up healing and recovery time and to also help prevent injury. If you’re an athlete they’ll be sure to tell you that it’s not just the exercise itself, but also regular massage that…

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Deluxe manicure treatments from our Torquay spa haven

September 9, 2017

Our luxurious replenishing manicure treatments use all the specialised concoctions- exfoliants, creams, nourishing oils, softening paraffin wax, mittens and hand massage techniques, that leave your nails and hands in immaculate condition. What does a ‘Mani’ do!? Manicure treatments improve the texture and health of both your finger nails and the skin of your hands, as well…

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Day spa signature facials in Torquay this month

August 30, 2017

Our day spa facials have one main aim- to ‘offer excellent results to everyone, no matter what your skin type.’ A typical consultation goes on to determine what’s best for you and the ideal products for your skin. Signature day spa facials use an infusion of aromatherapy, phototherapy and bio-chemical ingredients in their products and…

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Amazing day spa facials for teenage skin in Torquay

August 10, 2017

We’re all for encouragement at this time in a teenagers life, who can be quite stressed from up coming exams in which the added anxiety can show in our youth. Here we can take classic teenage skin (not just for the girls!) for a deep-cleanse facial so that it’s clearer and they can learn some…

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The best gift ever is massage for your birthday

July 31, 2017

It’s your birthday, and you deserve to be celebrated like a queen (or king) at this special time! Sure you can by yourself flowers, diamonds, chocolates, clothes, a romantic dinner even a new surf board. But why be typical!? The gift of healthy touch is memorable, and for your incredible day we have a few…

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Day spa facials with us in beautiful Torquay

July 1, 2017

This week we’re going through what to expect, and the aim of a beautiful facial. (The skin that it is best suited to will be further described in our Torquay day spa facials treatment menu). The Prep: Make-up shall be removed as part of the treatment so arrive as you wish and although you don’t really…

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Why have massage treatments in Torquay?

June 21, 2017

In Torquay we’re blessed with many health and wellness modalities, from conscious minded cafes, fitness training on our glorious shores, to yoga and treatment varieties. Receiving massage treatments helps the body relax, revive and heal. Treating a wide range of emotional and physical health problems. So, by making you feel good in lots of ways,…

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Day spa treatments for the men of Torquay

June 11, 2017

We have effective and enjoyable day spa treatments for men, right here in Torquay. Today’s modern man has nothing to fear and everything to gain from visiting us. Speaking from experience the men’s spa experience should be easy, keeping it -Effective, Active, Sensuous and Youthful. Day spa treatments for men are growing at a fast…

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