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Is Retinol For Me?

November 14, 2020

If we could narrow down our favourite ingredients for anti-aging, Vitamin A is at the top of list. Vitamin A, otherwise known as “retinol” can be used topically to improve collagen production, acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation or simply sluggish skin. Vitamin A works by sloughing off dead skin cells and promoting skin cell renewal….

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24 Days of Christmas Melbourne

November 14, 2020

BABOR’S CHRISTMAS AMPOULE ADVENT CALENDAR As Christmas approaches and we prepare for the the Summer madness of family gatherings, activities and work deadlines, we tend to inadvertently neglect our skin. The time dedicated to facials and skin health can sometimes be re-allocated, and as the stress builds, we begin to notice that our skin needs…

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Melbourne’s Battle Against Topical Inflammation

November 14, 2020

In most cases, difficult circumstances and events can effect more than just our lives – As our stress and hormones increase, our skin health can become compromised. Commonly, redness is one of the largest indicators of stress on the skin. And symptoms should be addressed before it develops into further irritations and conditions. Hypersensitivity and…

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Is Silver, Skin Friendly? 

June 27, 2020

Is Silver, Skin Friendly?  With  endless  caution  surrounding  silver  and the skin,  it’s hard to know which  [if any]  are  safe  to be  in our skincare.   MicroSilver  is  beyond the  exception – Designed to target  &  eliminate bacteria and inflammation in the skin  without triggering irritation.  Teamed up with  Neuroxyl, we actively work to  neutralize  the…

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NEW DOCTOR BABOR Brightening Intense

June 17, 2020

Feeling dull? Want to get your glow back? Let us introduce you to our new ‘DOCTOR BABOR Brightening Intense’ range. Specifically designed to achieve a brighter, more even-toned and radiant complexion, this range works to reactivate dull, sluggish skin, while also targeting pigmentation on all levels. This includes the treatment of; -Melasma (hormonally triggered pigmentation)….

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Is Hyaluronic Acid safe?

May 18, 2020

Hyaluronic  acid. To the unknown, it may sound like something you don’t want to put anywhere near your face. But what if we told you that hyaluronic acid holds the key to smooth, impeccable and hydrated skin?  Aesthetic Doctor, Dr. Maryam Zamani has said Hyaluronic Acid is critical in maintaining skin hydration.   Don’t fear the…

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Melbourne Asks What is Vitamin C?

May 8, 2020

What is  Vitamin  C?  We are all aware that  Vitamin  C  is great for our immune system and overall health, but did you know that it has outstanding benefits for your skin topically   too?   Vitamin C is a multi-functional acid that ensures the skin stays protected, strengthens, renews and regenerates the skin, and provides an…

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Keep Your Skin Protected In Isolation

April 30, 2020

Let’s talk about digital ageing. You’re probably aware that the sun’s powerful UV rays can be quite damaging to your skin. But what about other types of light, like the warm glow of a computer screen or a smartphone?  The culprit is the High Energy Visible Light (HEV, also known as blue light) emitted by…

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3 loves for Ampoules we have from our day spa gift shop

November 23, 2018

  If you haven’t heard about our amazing Babor ampoules in and around Torquay -then you have been missing out! We absolutely love these little instant beauty vials.. Visible and fast absorbing, ampoules provide a boost of intense moisture and help to revitalise the skin in many ways. The results they prove are huge and…

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Skin care review from our Torquay Day Spa Shop

August 25, 2018

We believe that great skin care is something that should rate high on the priority list to everyone, no matter your age. It’s never to late to start! If you are younger you can prevent premature ageing and sun damage. If you are older, then you may already be showing graceful signs – but by…

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