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3 loves for Ampoules we have from our day spa gift shop

November 23, 2018

  If you haven’t heard about our amazing Babor ampoules in and around Torquay -then you have been missing out! We absolutely love these little instant beauty vials.. Visible and fast absorbing, ampoules provide a boost of intense moisture and help to revitalise the skin in many ways. The results they prove are huge and…

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Skin care review from our Torquay Day Spa Shop

August 25, 2018

We believe that great skin care is something that should rate high on the priority list to everyone, no matter your age. It’s never to late to start! If you are younger you can prevent premature ageing and sun damage. If you are older, then you may already be showing graceful signs – but by…

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3 favourite gems from our day spa gift shop

June 26, 2018

We all deserve to treat ourselves so why not spoil yourself or a loved one with a few of our favourite skincare gems!? Ease of online purchasing just got easier at our day spa shop in Torquay. What better a gift than younger, fresher and rejuvenated looking and feeling skin! Our BABOR skincare range is one of…

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3 Ampoules from our Babor online shop we’re loving this month

May 17, 2018

“Glowing skin is youthful, sexy and modern” Our new Babor ampoules are tiny glass vials that can effect true miracles! Instantly beautifying and specially formulated so that they can be absorbed by the skin exceptionally well without leaving a trace of residue. Now available from our Babor online shop here in Torquay. “The fluids work…

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6 skin care tricks from our Torquay day spa shop

April 2, 2017

Get your skin in tip top shape with these few tricks from our online Torquay day spa shop, particularly when you need to look good in less than an hour! Babor Ampoules – Instant. Visible. Beautiful. Specially formulated so that they can be absorbed by the skin exceptionally well without leaving a trace of residue,…

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3 Skincare tips from the day spa beauty shop in Torquay

February 2, 2017

A lot of our Torquay folk are becoming more conscientious of their skin and thinking about how they can take good care of it. Skincare is important but things like always using sunscreen when outdoors, even on a cloudy day when you’re out on one of our gorgeous Torquay walks! Sunscreen keeps the damaging UV…

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Torquay day spa shop tips for reducing skincare issues

October 25, 2016

Skincare tips from our Torquay day spa this week highlights the following: Acne :  Use drawing clay masks that you can either spot treat or leave on overnight to ‘work the magic’. Gel-based cleansers such as our Lillypilly cleanser located in our day spa shop prep for the perfect canvas for oil free skin. Make…

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3 Healthy skincare rules from our beauty shop

August 16, 2016

Your face is the first thing that you present to the world, and your skin is the very important feature to us in Torquay! Practicing proper skincare is an essential part of everyday life, and there are a variety of products that we can help you with from our beauty shop to assist the process….

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A review from the day spa shop in Torquay

March 9, 2016

No matter how old you are, proper skincare is important. If you are younger, you can prevent premature ageing. If you’re older, your skin may already be showing signs of age, and focusing on your skin can help you reverse them. This month from our day spa shop we are all about our LiTya ‘Marine Collagen…

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skin care for our Torquay sun loving clients

January 19, 2016

Usually it is women who worry about their skin care but men are fast becoming more aware of the importance of it too! There are multitudes of product on the market created to improve or preserve ourselves. It can be difficult to find whats right for you! Probably the most effective product line is sun protection…

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