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5 Wellbeing tips for healthy skin- advice from Saltair day spa torquay vic

February 11, 2015

Wrinkles will happen to us all, but if your skin is glowing with health and vitality then honestly no one will notice them anyway! 1) Make sure your diet contains plenty of antioxidants (which help slow down cellular ageing.) Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best sources of natural plant antioxidants. Try  juicing 1 carrot,…

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Is Almond oil the new Coconut oil in facial treatments in Torquay!?

February 4, 2015

Let’s take a closer look at the latest facial miracle oil were all loving in Torquay! With massages, body exfoliations, mineral muds you’ll be sure to get beautiful skin with the added luxury this oil ‘gives’! There is nothing coconut oil can’t do. It’s super-moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and it can even prevent protein loss in the…

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6 tips for Revitalising facials in Torquay after the festive time!

January 28, 2015

The warm weather can tempt us to stay out longer and this can take its toll on your skin. The end of daylight savings in Torquay will leave you in need of some serious facials and body treatments! See below for some tips that Saltair ‘spa goers’ practice and recommend you do at home and…

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top 5 Natural beauty tips from Saltair day spa torquay

January 20, 2015

There is always room for more Natural beauty advice for our Torquay day spa clients! Heres five top beauty secrets! 1. Macadamia Oil We love face oils.. Contrary to popular belief they are not just for people with dry skin but work just as well on those of us who have combination skin. When applying…

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it’s all about spreading the love this valentine’s day at saltair day spa torquay

January 13, 2015

 Pamper your loved one this Valentine’s Day in Torquay.It is one of the best ways to show you care and it is the perfect time to spoil them with a relaxing spa treatment. With the ideal location in Torquay our award winning day spa is the place to go for a truly tranquil experience that…

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the Saltair clear glowing skin! day spa advice – torquay

January 7, 2015

If your in Torquay get down to the  local  ‘juice’ bar and start a great habit for everyday life with  beautiful healthy day spa looking skin! Juice bars are popping up everywhere these days from airports to major shopping centres and main streets of towns.. You know what, there is something in it and it…

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Facial treatments- Understanding the basics from Torquay

December 31, 2014

Understanding the basics and how to get the most from your facial treatments at your Torquay day spa! Are you itching to book some facial treatments but holding back because you don’t know what’s right for you or what to expect when you get there? For many people day spa facials can be a luxurious…

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Girls love to Gather at Saltair day spa torquay!

December 23, 2014

Girls love to gather in Torquay and at amazing destinations with spoiling treats at our day spa, we know it! If it’s destination your after with pampering and sharing  good times with your besties look no further than Torquay! The day spa experience is often thought of as a place for retreating and rejuvenating, when…

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Essential Beauty and skincare tips – Saltair Day spa Torquay

December 17, 2014

Day Spa Beauty advice to help you keep your skin beautiful when your on the go in Torquay and travelling around our beautiful coast! Whether your going to be relaxing on the beach in Torquay, travelling around the country side, visiting a day spa or just going to your families, you should never forget about…

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Treatment benefits of Massage at Saltair day spa Torquay

November 24, 2014

Treatment benefits of Massage at Saltair Day Spa Torquay. Lets face it we all need to take the time for rest and well deserved relaxation after the hectic lifestyles we all lead today! Treating yourself to a full body massage particularly at this time of year is one of the most beneficial gifts you could…

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