Saltair Spa

BABOR HyOl & Phyto Active Sensitive


$115.00 $103.50


HY-ÖL: Removes oil and water-soluble dirt in combination with a skin-type-specific phytoactive and is also suitable as a make-up remover.

Phytoactive Sensitive: Soothing herbal extract with lime blossoms, hops, lemon balm, agrimonia extract and apple water. The phytoactives ensure an aromachological fragrance experience based on the corresponding type of skin.

Add 4 pumps of HY-ÖL to the dry skin, then spread 2 pumps s of Phytoactive over it. Moisten your fingers with cool water and massage the cleansing into the skin until a milky emulsion is formed. Remove thoroughly with plenty of warm water.