Saltair Spa

BABOR Sea Creation Gift Set




Discover our master class among the anti-aging lines. SeaCreation helps protect against premature skin aging, helps promote anti-aging skin functions and assists in reducing the look of existing signs of aging. The skin appears firmer, smoother and youthfully fresh.
Containing 30ml SeaCreation Serum & 15ml SeaCreation Cream for an all round ageing effect – The source of true beauty lies in the depths of the seas. The BABOR laboratories have come a step closer to this centuries-old secret. A combination of intelligent active anti-wrinkle ingredient MicroAlgae AP, the effective anti-aging protein Glycocéane GP3 and the energizing micro-organism BABOR thermophilus, makes SeaCreation a masterpiece with an all-round anti-aging effect. It boosts the skin’s radiance and helps counteract oxidative skin stress.