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BABOR Easter Egg Calendar 2021



Easter Egg Calendar Promotion 2021

Featuring 14 high-performance concentrates, the beauty treatment intensively moisturizes your skin, meets your skin’s daily needs and gives you a youthful freshness – quickly and effectively.
As a final touch, the three Precious Range ampoules provide an extra youthful radiant complexion.
2 x Hydra Plus – Provides intensive moisture.
2 x Perfect Glow – Creates an optically youthful fresh glow.
1 x Stress Control – Prevents stress-induced skin aging.
1 x Precious Rose Gold – Provides vitality and cell renewal.
1 x Active Night– Active recovery of skin cells overnight.
1 x Pollution Protect– Helps activate the skin’s own protective system against UV radiation or air pollution.
2 x 3D Firming – An active ingredient complex of organic silicon and extracts of the yellow poppy improves tissue firmness and skin elasticity.
1 x Precious Gold Volume – Provides volume, moisturizes and protects against oxidative stress.
2 x Lift Express – Immediate anti-wrinkle effect with micro-algae extract.
1 x Precious Platinum Lift – Provides new energy, more volume and improved firmness with an instant lift.

After cleansing with BABOR CLEANSING products. Shake the ampoule and cover the ampoule neck with a tissue or the enclosed ampoule opener. Hold the ampoule by the ampoule neck or opener and break it open with a sudden jerking movement on the lower, colored ring. Pour concentrate into the palm of your hand and work into face, neck and décolleté. Gently pat into the skin. Then apply skincare cream.

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