Beauty salon Torquay

Hand & Foot Treatments

Our luxurious replenishing hands and feet pamperings use all the specialised concoctions- exfoliants, creams, nourishing oils, softening paraffin waxes, mittens and massage techniques, that leave your hands and feet in immaculate condition. Saltair Foot Treatment Sit down, lay back and relax with this refreshing and rejuvenating therapy your feet deserve. Saltair Hand Treatment Feel like…

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Spray Tan, Torquay

Sparkle, Shine, Shimmer and Glow.. Get glowing within our tanning sanctuary and feel glamorous every step of the way. Spray Tan Prices Prolong your tan with a full body exfoliation. Not only does a good scrub sustain the life of your tan, it creates an even surface for application, giving youths perfect skin tone.  Spray…

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Get Sugared!  It is the best kept hair-removal secret right now.  Nothing is left but smooth, glowing skin.  More hygienic, non toxic, much gentler on the skin and zero sticky residue!  Yes please.. What is Body Sugar Epilation? Professional Body Sugar Epilation is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair extraction. The most important…

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