Saltair Day Spa Promotions

We are re-opening Saltair Day Spa & Saltair Health Spa as of Monday the 1st of June.
Lorne Spa to be announced.

Reopening Promotions

Leave Your ISO Skin Behind

Our highly educated BABOR Experts take you through an in-depth 30-minute skin assessment to design a skin care plan tailored to your skin.
Redeemed able back on BABOR product purchase. Click the image below to purchase now, and receive a complementary sample pack to help get you started at home.









Get Your ISO Skin Back On Track

Achieving a youthful glow has never been easier. We’re offering you 7 LED treatments for the price of 6 to help get your skin back on track, a small commitment for a big result.
Click the image below to purchase now, and receive a complementary sample pack to help get you started at home.

Health Spa Membership – 6 Months

Over due for some me-time? Commit & surrender yourself as your Saltair Therapist takes you on a journey of self-care.
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DreamPod Flotation Therapy

Now introducing the latest innovation to body and mind therapy, the DreamPod is a zero contact treatment designed to free you of both physical and psychological tension.
Treatment packages now available in Health Spa Packages.
Click the image below to purchase a single float, or see the Memberships page for ongoing sessions.

Dermapen4 Skin Needling Treatment

Say goodbye to problem skin, is needling innovation – creating millions of fine fractional channels up to 104% faster than before, you can watch your skin transition as your collagen and elastin fibers grow stronger for a renewed, fresher and younger you.
Treatment plans now available.

NEW! Precision Formulas for Outstanding Results

BABOR Class Leading Luxury Skincare now combined in our Day Spa Packages

Feel Good Day Spa Packages with Germany’s No.1 Skincare Company for precision formulas – Feel the Difference

With BABOR’s newly inspired epigenetic research, Skinovage Skincare used in our Day Spa Packages has been reborn.

The BABOR laboratories have succeeded in creating a ‘specific power peptide’ (found in all Skinovage relaunch products) that protects against those epigenetic changes to our skin, and prevents any further influence.  Their intelligent age-prevention skin care system caters to a wide variety of skin types and concerns, including our new best product seller ‘Vitalising’ a natural energy complex, optical blur, and blue light protection against our computer and phone screen’s epidermal damage.

Add in some extra love to your facial routine, because BABOR’s ‘science meets medical’ research creates unbeatable results