Spa packages, Torquay

Discover the Difference in a Unique Destination.

Feel a True Day Spa Experience – Views, BABOR World Class skincare, Saltair designed Massage Oils, Tripadvisor Hall of Fame, 5-Star Therapists and all conveniently located a short drive from Torquay & Geelong.

Day Spa Packages with BABOR’s techniques create a distinct style all on it’s own.


Pamper Package

Feel your cares slip away as we introduce exfoliating Sea Salts infused with nourishing aromatic oils.  Indulge in comfort with a BABOR Mini Spa Facial and let us spoil you that bit more with a moisturising body massage.

  1. 90 minutes: $190

Deep Relaxation Package

  • Saltair Relaxation Massage: 60 minutes
  • BABOR Luxury Facial: 60 minutes
  • Option with Full Body Exfoliation

Replenish with the uniqueness of a Saltair Relaxation Massage and self-indulge with the infusion of a decadent BABOR Luxury Facial. Take it one step further and enhance your relaxation with an optional Full Body Exfoliation.

  1. 2 hours: $230
  2. 2.5 hours: $290 Exfoliation Option

Saltair Spa Wrap

Feel revived by a sea salt exfoliation followed with a smothering warmth of a silky body mud fuelled with nutrients. Unravel the added tension with a warm oil head massage and experience the difference of a Saltair Relaxation Massage.

  • 90 minutes: $210 with 30 min Massage
  • 2 hours: $260 with 60 min Massage

Day Spa Package

Being personally designed and a winner in style, our Signature journey is the ultimate in pampering with a purpose.

  • Full body oil and salt infusion
  • Silky mineral rich body clay cocoon
  • Warm oil head massage
  • Shower rinse
  • Saltair Relaxation Massage
  • BABOR Luxury Facial
  1. 3 hours: $400
  2. 3.5 hours: $460 includes 90 min Massage option

Little Retreat

Relish in the escape with our specialised massage and facial fusion. One of our most popular treatment getaways topped off with a luxurious BABOR Mini Spa Facial. You will be back for more.

  1. 60 mins: $150

Classic Package

Warm up with a stimulating body brush then unwind with a luxurious Saltair Relaxation Massage.

  1. 60 mins: $110

Couples Package

Share precious time out in tranquility and enjoy a pure Saltair Relaxation Massage together in our dual room.

  1. 1.5 Hrs: $320

Bliss Package

  • Saltair Spa Foot Treatment: 45mins
  • BABOR Luxury Facial: 60mins

A head-to-toe, heaven on earth therapy.  Feel delight and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing feet treat, then finish with an indulgent BABOR Luxury Facial.

  1. 1.75 hours: $230

Mother Nurture

  • Pregnancy Massage
  • BABOR Luxury Facial

Lay down with a caring and devoted specialised body massage on our designer pregnancy table followed by a decadent Facial – A first-class luxury package that nurtures during this special time.

  1. 2 hours:  $240

Sea Salt Exfoliation and Massage

A revitalising and relaxing full body therapy.  Aromatic oils, Sea Salts and Massage can do wonders for unravelling tension whilst your skin takes in extra nutrition.  Enjoy a warm shower rinse, and finish with a nourishing body cream.

  1. 60 minutes: $130