Day spa facials, Torquay

Class Leading Luxury Skin Care

Just hearing the calming sounds of peaceful water trickling along the entrance as you arrive raises the senses that this is going to be a unique Luxurious Facial experience.

Take in the Crystal Chandeliers, the surrounding views of Spring Creek Valley before our caring Saltair Therapists devote all the attention, heavenly Opulent BABOR infusions, world latest release Technology and the time required for a truely – Luxury Spa Facial.


BABOR Luxury Facial

Powerful, Designer Luxury Skin Care.

  1. 60 mins: $140

BABOR Ampoule Immerse

Your skin is drenched with the pure power of multiple concentrated fluids then a professional mask applied for ultimate radiance.

  1. 75 mins: $210


The Skin Care of Celebrities – The anti wrinkle expert, BABOR HSR® will target every type of wrinkle while firming and lifting the skin.

  1. 90 mins: $250

BABOR Classic Facial

An introduction into the potient BABOR Luxury Facial range.

  1. 60 mins: $99

BABOR Mini Spa Facial

A mini Luxury Skin Care solution for everyone and every skin condition.

  1. 30 mins: $80

Mum’s Package Time

Treat your skin and refresh with our limited edition Mothers day facial. With it’s anti-ageing and cleansing properties it helps to promote new cell turnover. Included is a little gift to take home for you!

Dr Babor Lift Express Facial including a take home gift of our Hydration 7 day treatment pack Ampoules. Only for a limited time!

  1. 45 mins: $160

See our other professional facial treatments available at our Torquay day spa, designed for optimal skin health. We also provide a range of massage options, including relaxation and therapeutic.