World’s first BABOR concept health spa in Torquay

Treatment Menu & Prices
  • MassagesDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Saltair Massage

      Our specially designed Saltair Massage is more than just a spa treatment; it's a reflection of our commitment to providing you with a truly holistic and balanced wellness experience.

      We invite you to unwind, rejuvenate and connect with your inner self in a safe space that honours your values and well-being.

      • 60 mins$120
      • 90 mins$180
    • Saltair Therapeutic Massage

      Experience the transformative power of our Therapeutic Massage and prioritise your well-being.

      Enjoy the personally tailored and combined techniques of a Saltair Massage and Saltair Spa Deep Tissue Massage to relax your mind, release tension and address specific areas of discomfort.

      • 60 mins$140
    • Saltair Spa Deep Tissue Massage

      Our Saltair Day Spa Deep Tissue Massage offers a profound and transformative experience, carefully crafted to address specific physical concerns, all while fostering a deep sense of relaxation and holistic wellness.

      This specialised massage technique delves into the deeper layers of muscle tissue, targeting stubborn knots, tension, and discomfort with precision and care.

      It's a therapeutic journey that allows you to emerge feeling renewed, balanced and truly transformed.

      • 60 mins$150
    • Pregnancy Massage

      Our Pregnancy Massage is a nurturing and specialised wellness experience that prioritises safety and customisation all while providing expectant mothers with a comforting and rejuvenating journey during this important phase of life.

      Experience the benefits of our pregnancy massage and prioritise your self-care and overall well-being.

      Please note must be past the 1st trimester, maximum 35 weeks – please contact us if you require further information.

      • 60 mins$130
    • Saltair Signature Massage

      Our Saltair Signature Massage is a unique treatment that combines the best of eight different massage styles to provide you with a holistic and transformative experience, created by the visionary founder of our company.

      It embodies our commitment to the customisation, inclusivity and personalisation of our treatments.

      • 75 mins$160
    • Classic Package

      This journey begins with a 15-minute dry body brush followed by a 45-minute Saltair back-of-body massage, combining the benefits of exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and tension release.

      • 60 mins$110
  • Floatation TherapyDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Floatation Therapy

      Renew and restore your body, mind and soul in our state of the art flotation tank designed to relieve physical and psychological stresses with long term benefits.

      • 30 mins$59
      • 60 mins$89
      • 90 mins$120
  • Health Spa PackagesDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Body Therapy Package

      Embark on a journey of pure indulgence with our Pamper Package.

      Revel in a 30-minute Full Body Sea Salt & Oil Exfoliation, unveiling fresh and smooth skin.

      Enjoy BABOR’s Expert Body Moisturising Massage and conclude with a BABOR Spa Facial, leaving you with fresh and radiant skin.

      • 90 mins$210
    • Deep Restorative Therapy Package

      Commence this indulgent spa journey with the heavenly Full Body Salt & Oil Exfoliation, an ideal method to enhance overall circulation, delicately eliminate lifeless skin cells, and encourage a luminous radiance (optional).

      Become immersed in the soothing embrace of a full-body Saltair Massage, concluding with the BABOR Luxury Spa Facial for a well hydrated and supple complexion.

      • 120 mins$280
      • 150 mins$340
    • Pregnancy Package

      Celebrate motherhood with the Pregnancy Package.

      Relax in comfort on our designer pregnancy beds with a 60-minute Saltair Pregnancy Massage, followed by a customised 60-minute BABOR Luxury Spa Facial to enhance your pregnancy glow.

      • 120 mins$280
    • Detox Therapy Package

      Experience the ultimate detox with The Spa Wrap.

      Begin with a full body Salt & Oil Exfoliation, followed by an Organic Clay Cocoon Mud Wrap infused with essential nutrients.

      Drift away with a Warm Oil Head Massage before your Private Shower.

      Conclude your journey with a tailored Saltair Massage, blending aromatic oils for intuitive and holistic relaxation.

      • 90 mins$230
      • 120 mins$280
      • 150 mins$340
    • Saltair Float & Massage Package

      Feel release from the ultimate body and mind therapy package. Beginning with a peaceful journey in our DreamPod Floatation Tank, enjoy the serenity of complete peace and healing. Once ready, rinsing the Magnesium Salts away before commencing a 60 minute Saltair Massage, to work into areas of tension, loosened from the Float.

      Inclusive of a 60min Float, and a 60min Saltair Massage.

      • 120 mins$210
    • Health Spa Package

      Enter a deep state of calm that provides lasting wellness with our Health Spa Package.

      Surrender to our full body Sea Salt & Oil Exfoliation, Organic Mud Wrap and Warm Oil Head Massage. Enjoy a private shower before returning to your room for a tailored Saltair Massage and a BABOR Luxury Spa Facial for radiant skin, and the signature BABOR Glow.

      • 180 mins$420
      • 210 mins$480
    • Pick Me Up Package

      Treat yourself to the Pick Me Up Package, featuring a tailored 30-minute Saltair Relaxation Massage and a BABOR Spa Facial, focusing on hydration and overall skin health. Optional LED enhancement available for an extra touch of bliss and a radiant glow.

      • 60 mins$180
    • Salt Exfoliation & Massage

      Begin your journey with a full body Salt and Oil Exfoliation, promoting skin cell renewal and improved skin health. Then restore moisture back into your skin with a 30-minute Full Body Moisturising Saltair Massage, leaving your skin silky smooth and supple.

      • 60 mins$150
    • Bliss Package

      Indulge in a pampering experience that harmoniously blends Facial and Pedi Therapies.

      The 60-minute BABOR Luxury Facial not only enhances hydration, but also focuses on age prevention and circulation, resulting in a complexion that exudes health and radiance.

      The 45-minute Luxury Foot Treatment is a sanctuary for the feet, comprising a soothing foot soak, a delicate exfoliation utilising specialised gel and pedi paddle, a replenishing mask application, a therapeutic Saltair massage, a lavish paraffin wax treatment, and a serene scalp massage designed to induce profound relaxation.

  • Shared Wellness PackagesDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Shared Massage & Skin Therapy

      Feel your muscles soothe with an expert Saltair
      Massage, followed by our 30 mins Intense Hydration
      skin treatment shared together in our dual room.

      • 90 mins$400
    • Shared Muscle Easy Therapy

      Embark on a 90-minute journey of shared serenity with your loved one. Begin with a 15-minute Foot Soak & Exfoliation, followed by a soothing 75-minute Saltair Massage.

      Let this tranquil experience harmonise both your body and mind.

      • 90 mins$360
    • Shared Wellness Getaway

      Savor a moment of indulgence as you and your loved one enjoy a glass of Champagne and a Locally Sourced Grazing Platter in the privacy of our lounge.

      Let your minds unwind as you surrender to a state of complete bliss as you enjoy a Saltair Massage and advanced BABOR PRO Medi Facial.

      This package offers an unforgettable spa experience with ultimate pampering and radiant results.

      • 90 mins$600
    • Shared Wellness Retreat

      Elevate your senses with our Couples Retreat Package.

      Immerse yourself in a sensory journey to discover your preferred Saltair Aromatic Oil Blend before a Full Body Salt & Oil Exfoliation.

      Revel in a 90-minute Full Body Saltair Massage and a 60-minute BABOR PRO MediFacial for a hydrating, youthful glow.

      Conclude your experience with a private lounge retreat, indulging in a complimentary glass of Champagne and a Locally Sourced Grazing Platter.

      Creating lasting relaxation and heartfelt memories for you and your loved one.

      • 210 mins$1000
    • Mum & Daughter Day Spa Package

      Celebrate special moments with the Mother & Daughter Day Spa Experience. Enjoy a 90-minute spa day for two, featuring a full-body aromatic Massage paired with a luxurious 30-minute Spa Facial. Cherish quality time together.

      • 90 mins$400$440
  • BABOR Luxury FacialsDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • BABOR Classic Facial

      Whether you opt for the 30 or 60-minute session, we welcome you to explore the realm of BABOR skincare and prioritise both your skin's health and your overall well-being. The BABOR Classic Spa Facial places a strong emphasis on hydration and age prevention while incorporating elements of massage for deep relaxation.

      • 30 mins$90
      • 60 mins$140
    • BABOR Luxury Facial

      Experience our BABOR Luxury Spa Facial, a holistic skincare journey designed to enhance hydration, prevent signs of aging, boost circulation, and fortify your skin's protective barrier. These facial blends luxury products with personalised care to leave you with a revitalised and radiant complexion.

      • 60 mins$160
    • BABOR Ampoule Immersion Facial

      Whether you opt for the 30 or 75-minute option, you'll experience the benefits of our BABOR Ampoule Hydration Facial. Using a blend of personalised, concentrated and active ingredients, achieve improvement in your skins hydration and moisture levels leaving you with strong, radiant and healthy skin.

      • 30 mins$90
      • 75 mins$210
    • BABOR LED Facial

      Step into our luxurious BABOR Skinovage facial, an immersive 90-minute skincare journey that harnesses the synergy of advanced skincare products and innovative infrared light LED therapy that promotes cell regeneration, reduces fine lines and scarring resulting in an even skin tone and texture.

      • 90 mins$200
  • Medispa FacialsDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • HydraFacial

      HydraFacial is a 3-step skin treatment that safely peels, extracts and intensively hydrates the skin utilizing advanced dermal device technology.

      Step 1: Cleanse & Peel
      Uncovering a new layer of skin through exfoliation and resurfacing.

      Step 2: Extract & Hydrate
      By removing debris from pores by painless extractions whilst hydrating the skin.

      Step 3: Fuse & Protect
      By saturating the skin surface with specially tailored antioxidants and peptides to optimize skin health and restore a natural glow.

      With the flexibility of boosters & serums in our HydraFacial range, we are able to really customize and correct all of your skin concerns safely and effectively with fast and immediate results. Add LED Option.

      • 45 mins$199
      • 60 mins$240
    • DR BABOR Collagen Booster Facial

      Welcome to our exclusive DOCTOR BABOR Collagen Booster Facial, a luxurious and results-driven facial designed to address one of the most vital elements of youthful skin: collagen.

      Combining scientific expertise and targeted products, this facial offers intensive hydration and renewal for fatigued and weakened skin.

      Utilising the Repair Cellular range, we work to rebuild skin density, while the Lifting Cellular product line helps diminish visible fine lines by stimulating collagen production.

      • 60 mins$180
    • DR BABOR Silver Foil MediFacial

      This personalised facial experience is designed to provide your skin with deep hydration and protection from free radicals.

      Featuring results driven, cosmeceutical skincare with elements of massage, this facial is the ultimate treat for your skin, mind and body.

      • 60 mins$180
    • DR BABOR Brightening MediFacial

      Enjoy results of luminous skin when you experience the DOCTOR BABOR Brightening Facial.

      Whilst the skincare works to transform your skin, be treated to the element of massage. Providing your mind and body with a sense of relaxation and inner bliss.

      • 60 mins$180
    • DR BABOR LED Facial

      Experience the transformative effects of the DOCTOR BABOR LED Medi Facial.

      The journey begins with a soothing Foot Compress, followed by a deep double cleanse and gentle exfoliation. As a personalised BABOR Ampoule nurtures your skin beneath the LED, unwind with a rejuvenating Scalp Massage.

      Select from the 30-minute option or extend your bliss to 60 or 90 minutes, indulging in a Hand, Arm, Feet, Face, Neck, and Décolletage Massage.

      • 30 mins$90
      • 60 mins$180
      • 90 mins$250
    • DR BABOR Vitamin C MediFacial

      Our DOCTOR BABOR Pro Vitamin C Facial is a premium skincare experience that harnesses the power of Vitamin C to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. It combines scientific expertise, professional-grade products, and a mindful atmosphere to provide you with immediate and lasting results of a more youthful and radiant complexion.

      • 60 mins$190
    • DR BABOR AHA Peel MediFacial

      The DOCTOR BABOR Pro TheraPro Peel is an advanced and results-driven skincare treatment that harnesses the power of professional-grade chemical exfoliation to rejuvenate your skin with the flexibility of choosing your treatment duration—30, 60, or 90 minutes.

      It combines scientific expertise and tailored products for dramatic results.

      We invite you to explore this transformative journey to reveal a healthy and even complexion.

      Enhance your results by including LED Light Therapy into your treatment.

      • 30 mins$110
      • 60 mins$190
    • DR BABOR AHA Peel & LED MediFacial

      The DOCTOR BABOR Peel & LED MediFacial experience:

      • Foot Compress.
      • Double Cleanse.
      • Peel Prep & Scalp Massage.
      • AHA Peel.
      • Ampoule.
      • LED & Massage.

      Using DOCTOR BABOR Expert Skincare with Expert LED Technology to achieve fast and desired results, individually tailored just for you to achieve your skin goals.

      Choice of 45 minutes, or extend to 60 or 90mins to include Relaxation Massage Techniques to complete your MediFacial experience.

      The perfect gift for yourself, or the perfect gift idea for your family, friends or partner.

      • 45 mins$120
      • 60 mins$200
      • 75 mins$250
    • Dermapen

      Say goodbye to problem skin, Dermapen4 is needling innovation - creating millions of fine fractional channels up to 104% faster than before. You can watch your skin transition as your collagen and elastin fibres grow stronger for a renewed, fresher and younger you.
      (follow up appointments are $300)

      - Tension Release Scalp Massage

      • 60 mins$350
  • Hand & Foot TreatmentsDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Saltair Foot Treatment

      This invigorating journey incorporates a thoughtfully selected array of components, each dedicated to pampering your feet and extending a sense of relaxation to your scalp.

      Our thorough foot treatment includes a comforting foot soak, a gentle exfoliation with specialised gel and pedi paddle, a nourishing mask application, a therapeutic massage, a luxurious paraffin wax treatment, and a calming scalp massage to allow you to completely unwind.

      • 45 mins$99
    • Saltair Hand Treatment

      Give your hardworking hands a break with our Saltair Hand Treatment.

      Relax into a heated bed as we pamper your hands and arms with a gentle Salt and Oil Exfoliation followed by the soothing warmth of a Mud Wrap. As the treatment continues, enjoy a rejuvenating BABOR Moisturising Hand Massage. For complete relaxation, we’ll finish with Paraffin Wax and a calming Scalp Massage.

      • 45 mins$99
  • Lash & BrowsDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Brow Tint

      • $25
    • Lash Tint

      • $30
    • Lash & Brow Tint

      • $50
    • Brow Shape

      • $30
    • Brow Shape & Tint

      • $50
    • Brow Shape, Lash & Brow Tint

  • Waxing & Sugaring FaceDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Brows

      • $30
    • Lip

      • $20
    • Lip & Brows

      • $40
    • Chin

      • $20
    • Lip & Chin

      • $35
    • Sides

      • $20
    • Brow, Lip & Chin

      • $50
    • Full Face

      • $60
  • Waxing & Sugaring BodyDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • 1/2 Leg

      • $45
    • Full Leg

      • $65
    • 1/2 Arm

      • $40
    • Full Arm

      • $50
    • Underarm

      • $25
    • Bikini

      • $40
    • G-String

      • $50
    • Brazilian

      • $60
  • Mens Waxing & SugaringDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Shoulders

      • $45
    • Chest

      • $55
    • Back

      • $60
    • Stomach

      • $45
    • 1/2 Legs

      • $60
    • Full Leg

      • $80
    • 1/2 Arms

      • $40
    • Full Arm

      • $60
  • MembershipsDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Floatation Membership

      Renew and restore your body, mind and soul in our state of the art floatation tank designed to relieve physical and psychological stresses with long term benefits.

      1 Float per month
      $59 per month
      $49 Introductory Friend Rate (Referral)
      Bonus 60min Massage or Facial (Value of $99) every 6 months

      2  Floats per month
      $99 per month
      Share with a friend
      $49 Introductory Friend Rate (Referral)
      Two Bonus 60min Massages or Facials (Value of $198) every 6 months

      Enjoy unlimited Herbal Tea in our Relaxation Lounge
      Enjoy a Private Room & Shower
      Towel and Earplugs Provided
      Robe and Slippers Provided
      Floats Never Expire

    • Skin Glow Membership - 6 Months

      Upfront $1220 or $49 per week
      (Up to $1630 value, save over $410)

      Want glowing skin all year around?
      Perfect for upcoming brides, special events, skin concerns, pro longing youth and age correction.

      Each month your skin will be treated to rejuvenation, hydration and anti-ageing treatments.

      Once a month for 6 months you can choose from the following treatments:

      LightStim LED Light Therapy

      BABOR PRO Fruit Acid Peel

      – PRO Vitamin C Facial

      – TheraPRO Peel

      DOCTOR BABOR Medi Spa Facial

      – Collagen Booster Facial

      – Silver Foil Mask

      DOCTOR BABOR Ultrasound Facial

      -Includes x1 Dermapen4 Skin Needling Treatment

      Membership includes

      -BONUS 60min Saltair Massage
      -BONUS x2 Floatation Tank Therapy Sessions
      -BONUS complimentary BABOR Skin Care starter pack valued at $100
      -BONUS eye treatment for your birthday month
      -BONUS silk hair treatment for yourself for every client referral

      • $1220
    • Health Spa Membership - 6 Months

      Upfront $700 or $29 per week
      (Up to $1000 value, save over $300)

      Spoil someone special or yourself with monthly luxurious Signature treatments.

      Surrender yourself as your Saltair Therapist takes you on a journey of self-care. Your experience begins with:

      Month 1 – 60min Saltair Massage

      Welcome to your new self-care membership, finally some time to relax and enjoy a full body massage.

      Month 2 – 60min BABOR LightStim LED Facial

      Your skin will appear more energized, plumped and hydrated.

      Month 3 – 60min Floatation Therapy

      Our pods are filled with high-grade magnesium salts, allowing your body to effortlessly float. Feel the incredible results for yourself.

      Month 4 – 60min Saltair Massage

      The luxurious essential oils and unique Saltair style will leave you on cloud 9.

      Month 5 – 60min BABOR LightStim LED Facial

      Let’s glow and visibly transform your skin.

      Month 6 – 60min Floatation Therapy

      Let’s float away, spend an hour by ourselves and soak up all the benefits that floating has to offer.

      Membership includes:

      -BONUS 60min DOCTOR BABOR Ultrasound Facial valued at $160.
      -BONUS complimentary BABOR Skin Care Starter Pack valued at $100
      -BONUS eye treatment for your birthday Month
      -BONUS silk hair treatment for yourself for every client referral

      • $700
    • Calm & Nurture Membership - 6 Months

      Upfront $720 or $28 per week
      (Up to $1050 value, save over $330)

      Let the Saltair therapists help you take control of your journey of self-care experiencing a selection of our signature treatments.

      Your experience begins with:

      Month 1: Saltair Massage 60 minutes.

      Month 2: Little Retreat Package 60 minutes.

      Month 3: BABOR Classic Facial 60 minutes.

      Month 4: Saltair Massage 60 minutes.

      Month 5: Sea Salt Exfoliation & Massage 60 minutes.

      Month 6: BABOR Luxury Facial 60 minutes.

      Membership includes:

      BONUS x2 Floatation Tank Therapy Sessions.
      BONUS BABOR Skincare starter pack (value of $100).
      BONUS Eye Treatment for your birthday month.
      BONUS Silk Hair Treatment for yourself for every client referral.

      • $720
  • InjectablesDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Injectables Consultation

      Free consultation with Injectables Nurse Sharon. Call Saltair Health Spa on 5261 3955 to make an appointment.

      • 30 mins$Free
    • Injectables and Fillers

      Price on Application.

  • BeautyDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Lash Tint

      • $25
    • Brow Tint

      • $15
    • Lash & Brow Tint

      • $32
    • Spray Tan

      Sparkle, Shine, Shimmer and Glow with TechnoTan. Get glowing within our tanning sanctuary and feel glamorous every step of the way.

      2-6 hour development: $50
      30 minute development: $55

      • 120 mins$50
      • 30 mins$55
  • Women's Facial SugaringDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Eyebrow

      • $25
    • Upper Lip

      • $35
    • Chin

      • $35
    • Upper Lip and Brow

      • $50
    • Cheeks

      • $40
    • Full Face

      • $65
  • Facial Package SeriesDurationPriceWeekends + P/hols
    • Achieve Brighter Skin Series

      A 4 session package designed to offer a more Radiant Complexion through Expert Facial Therapy Methods to achieve a Brighter Skin.

      Package Options of 60minute Services or 30minute Services - Extending to 60minute Services incorporates various Massage Technique Combinations into each service.

      • 240 mins$730
      • 120 mins$396
    • Achieve Youthful Skin Series

      A 4 session package designed to offer Stronger Collagen & Elastin Production through Expert Facial Therapy Methods to achieve a more Youthful Skin.

      Package Options of 60minute Services or 30minute Services - Extending to 60minute Services incorporates various Massage Technique Combinations into each service.

      • 240 mins$720
      • 120 mins$378
    • Achieve Hydrated Skin Series

      A 4 session package designed to create higher Water Retention through Expert Facial Therapy Methods to achieve a Hydrated Skin.

      Package Options of 60minute Services or 30minute Services - Extending to 60minute Services incorporates various Massage Technique Combinations into each service.

      • 255 mins$740
      • 120 mins$360
    • Achieve Calmer Skin Series

      A 4 session package designed to offer Skin Harmony through Expert Facial Therapy Methods to achieve a Calmer Skin.

      Package Options of 60minute Services or 30minute Services - Extending to 60minute Services incorporates various Massage Technique Combinations into each service.

      • 240 mins$730
      • 120 mins$378
    • Achieve Clearer Skin Series

      A 4 session package designed to improve Sebum Activity and Scarring Residue through Expert Facial Therapy Methods to achieve a Clearer Skin.

      Package Options of 60minute Services or 30minute Services - Extending to 60minute Services incorporates various Massage Technique Combinations into each service.

      • 240 mins$760
      • 120 mins$396
    • Exclusively Tech Skin Series

      A 4 session package designed around your Skin Goals through Expert Facial Therapy Methods and Innovative Device Technology to achieve the skin of your dreams.

      Package Options of 60+minute Services or 30+minute Services - Extending to 60minute Services incorporates tailored Acid Applications into each service.

      • $869
      • $679

World’s first BABOR concept Health Day Spa

Saltair Health Spa is a modern wellness destination that combines the ancient practice of healing massage with contemporary spa amenities such as Float Pods and corrective world class BABOR medi facials, incorporated into Spa Packages to provide a unique and rejuvenating experience for individuals seeking improved health and wellness. It’s a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus on your well-being in a serene and soothing environment.

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