Our Gift Voucher Policy

Policy Principles

  • Saltair values its customers and acknowledges that good sales practices lead to customer satisfaction and a more successful business.
  • The key obligation under this policy that applies to all Saltair personnel engaged in, or the supervising of, the sale and redemption of gift vouchers is to respect the circumstances in which a sale is made and understand and comply with the applicable legislation that applies to such transactions.

Types of Gift Vouchers

  • Gift vouchers sold by Saltair will be in the form of e-vouchers or hard copy vouchers, and can be: for a set amount of cash that enables the recipient to exchange it for Saltair goods or services to the value of the amount on the gift voucher; or redeemable for specific goods or services.
  • Gift vouchers sold by Saltair will be only promoted or marketed as a gift product.

Conditions on Gift Vouchers

  • Saltair will ensure that all conditions and restrictions on customers on the use of the gift voucher are clearly stated on the gift card or available online
  • Saltair will ensure there is a clearly displayed expiry date on the gift voucher that allows the purchaser reasonable time to redeem the voucher (and which must be at least 36 months).
  • The conditions on the gift voucher will include the conditions that the gift voucher:
    • cannot be reloaded (ie, the value cannot be increased or added to unless it is because of a reversal of a payment made under the gift voucher in error); and
    • cannot be redeemed for cash.

Redemption of Gift Vouchers

  • Saltair gift vouchers may be transferred, assigned or gifted to a person other than the purchaser and the gift recipient may redeem the gift voucher in accordance with the conditions of that voucher. 
  • Saltair will honour each Gift Voucher in the manner represented to the customer and otherwise in accordance with this policy. 
  • Saltair will not (subject to the conditions stated on the gift voucher) impose a more restrictive booking and availability policy to gift voucher recipients.  This means:
    • provided the conditions of the voucher are met, bookings should be made based on genuine availability; and
    • Saltair will make a genuine attempt to book a gift voucher recipient while the gift voucher is valid;
    • If Saltair cannot genuinely accommodate a gift voucher appointment prior to the expiry date of the voucher, the customer should be able to redeem the voucher after the expiry date when Saltair has availability.
  • If the goods and services specified in a gift voucher are no longer available, Saltair will allow the recipient to redeem the gift voucher towards any goods or services then offered by Saltair to a value equivalent to the value of the gift voucher. 
  • Saltair will not impose a more restrictive cancellation or refund policy than its regular approach to these matters.  This means that:
    • any cancellation fee that applies to bookings generally at the Company will also apply to gift vouchers; and
    • where a customer is entitled to a refund under Saltair’s refund policy this will be applied to gift voucher recipients in the same manner as other customers.

Lost and expired gift vouchers

  • Gift vouchers are to be treated as cash. Saltair is not responsible for lost, stolen or fraudulently used gift vouchers, Saltair personnel are not authorized to replace a lost or stolen gift voucher if a customer requests it be replaced.  This is to avoid fraud and multiple uses of the gift voucher.
  • Saltair is not required to honour a gift voucher presented after its expiry date.  However, if an appointment is made to redeem a gift voucher, or the customer has made an attempt to make an appointment prior to the expiry date of the gift voucher, Saltair will honour the gift voucher in full even though the goods or services may be delivered after the expiry date.