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Turn your spa treatments into something special


Created & Inspired in Torquay – Every Saltair Relaxation Massage, Saltair Therapeutic Massage, Saltair Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage is Personalised with Saltair Aromatherapy Oil Blends to allow for a deeper, more relaxed massage experience. Feel pampered with a Saltair Signature Massage by the skilled Saltair Spa Therapists who... Read More

Luxury Spa Facials

Increase Skin Vitality!   Luxurious and comfortable settings with impeccable service the highly skilled Saltair Spa Therapists will customize your Luxury Spa Facials for a truely pampering experience and at the same time address your specific skin goals using Europe’s No.1 Skincare BABOR. A BABOR Luxury Spa Facial is a unique... Read More

MediSpa Facials

Pursuit of Skin Vitality!   Saltair Spa Skin Therapists and another 100,000 Skin consultants Globally put our trust in Europe’s No.1 Skincare BABOR – We think you should to.  Results-Oriented Research Since 1956.   In pursuit of Skin Luminous Vitality we offer BABOR MediFacials and invite you on a journey of relaxation,... Read More

Waxing & Sugaring

Sugaring, a hair removal technique similar to waxing, stands as our preferred choice for its ability to eliminate breakage, minimise discomfort, reduce irritation, and prevent ingrown hairs—all while gently exfoliating dry skin cells. The outcome is nothing short of smooth and beautiful skin. Please ask our Hair Removal experts about... Read More

Spray Tan

At Saltair Spa, our spray tanning services offer a broad range of colours and bases to compliment your skin tone for a personalised and safe approach to achieving a sun-kissed glow. Enjoy luminous and radiant skin all year round. Express 90minute Development. 4-6 hours Development. Do I have to take... Read More

Hand & Foot Treatments

Our luxurious replenishing hands and feet pampering’s use all the specialised concoctions- exfoliants, creams, nourishing oils, softening paraffin waxes, mittens and massage techniques, that leave your hands and feet in immaculate condition. Whilst you’re enjoying our treatments why not book in for a spray tan and waxing. Leave feeling fully pampered, glowing and... Read More

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