Saltair Spa

Saltair Day Spa Torquay

Opening Times

  • Monday9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Tuesday9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Wednesday9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Thursday9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Friday9:30am - 6pm
  • Saturday9am - 6pm
  • Sunday10am - 4pm

Torquay’s Original Destination Day Spa

50 Ashmore Road, Torquay VIC 3228

03 5261 9977

Discover Day Spa Packages, Massages and Medispa Facials – incorporating BABOR World Class Skincare. Our specialised collection includes a unique blend of day spa treatments and day spa packages Indulgent heavenly massages and radiant luxury spa facials pampering group bookings and easy to purchase day spa gift vouchers Located in Torquay, Greater Geelong’s convenient destination day spa with an undeniable sense of style and tranquility that is a true day spa experience.   The Perfect Gift For Her.

Please Note: Sunday bookings will incur a 10% surcharge.

Treatment Menu

  • MassagesDurationPrice
    • Relaxation Massage

      Designed to purposely soothe, unwind and relax you with luxurious oils

      • 60 mins$99
      • 90 mins$160
    • Therapeutic Massage

      A replenishing therapy uniquely designed to suit you

      • 60 mins$130
    • Deep Tissue Massage

      Individually focused, unravelling deep muscle tension

      • 60 mins$140
    • Pregnancy Massage

      A caring and devoted specialised tension relief massage using our designer bed suitable tight up to the last months of pregnancy

      Please note: must be past the 1st Trimester and no later than 36 weeks - Please contact us if you require further information

      • 60 mins$130
    • Signature Massage

      A stylish, re-balancing sensory massage for ultimate relaxation

      - Foot soak & pamper
      - Luxurious body oils

      • 75 mins$150
  • Day Spa PackagesDurationPrice
    • Classic Package

      Warm up with a stimulating body brush then unwind with a luxurious Saltair Relaxation Massage

      - Dry body exfoliation
      - Saltair Relaxation Massage

      • 60 mins$110
    • Sea Salt Exfoliation & Moisturising Massage

      A revitalising and relaxing full body therapy. Aromatic oils, Sea Salts and Massage can do wonders for unravelling tension whilst your skin takes in extra nutrition. Enjoy a warm shower rinse, and finish with a nourishing body cream

      - Full body oil and salt infusion
      - Shower rinse off
      - Nourishing body massage

      • 60 mins$130
    • Little Retreat Package

      Relish in the escape with our specialised massage and facial fusion. One of our most popular treatment getaways topped off with a luxurious BABOR Mini Spa Facial. You will be back for more.

      • 60 mins$150
    • Pamper Package

      Feel your cares slip away as we introduce exfoliating Sea Salts infused with nourishing aromatic oils. Indulge in comfort with a BABOR Mini Spa Facial and let us spoil you that bit more with a moisturising body massage

      • 90 mins$190
    • Deep Relaxation Package

      Replenish with the uniqueness of a Saltair Relaxation Massage and self-indulge with the infusion of a decadent BABOR Luxury Facial. Take it one step further and enhance your relaxation with an optional Full Body Exfoliation.

      • 120 mins$240
    • Mother Nurture Package

      Lay down with a caring and devoted specialised body massage on our designer pregnancy table followed by a decadent facial - A first class luxury package that promotes relaxation and wellness during this special time.

      • 120 mins$240
    • Bliss Package

      A head-to-toe, heaven on earth therapy. Feel delight and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing feet treat, then finish with an indulgent BABOR Luxury Facial

      • 105 mins$240
    • Saltair Spa Wrap

      Feel revived by a sea salt exfoliation followed with a smothering warmth of a silky body mud fuelled with nutrients. Unravel the added tension with a warm oil scalp massage and experience the difference of a Saltair Relaxation Massage.

      • 90 mins$210
      • 120 mins$260
    • Couples Pamper Package

      Share precious time out in tranquillity and enjoy a pure Saltair Relaxation Massage followed by our 30 minute Intense Ampoule Immersion Facial together in our dual room.

      • 90 mins$370
    • Couples Massage Package

      Share precious time out in tranquillity and enjoy a pure Saltair Relaxation Massage together in our dual room.

      - Saltair Relaxation Massages
      - Foot Bath

      • 90 mins$320
    • Day Spa Package

      Being personally designed and a winner in style, our signature journey is the ultimate in pampering with a purpose.

      • 180 mins$400
      • 210 mins$360
    • Ultimate Getaway package

      Indulge in a glass of champagne and a locally sourced cheese platter with a loved one as you're overlooking the ocean views, followed by a luxurious aromatic oil massage, then drift off into pure bliss with the newly released PRO facial for ultimate skin therapy.

      • 90 mins$570
    • Ultimate Couples Retreat Package

      Let your worries wither away with a salt scrub before you bliss out together with a Saltair Relaxation massage., then treat yourself to a locally sourced grazing platter and a complimentary glass of champagne. Conclude your experience with a newly released DOCTOR BABOR PRO facial, and walk out with glowing a customised BABOR gift bag to take home.

      • 210 mins$900
  • BABOR Luxury FacialsDurationPrice
    • BABOR Mini Spa Facial

      A mini skin care solution for all skin types and concerns.

      • 30 mins$80
    • BABOR Mini Ampoule Immersion Facial

      The go-to mini facial for intensive plumping and hydration.

      • 30 mins$85
    • BABOR Classic Facial

      An introductory BABOR facial suited to all skin types and conditions.

      • 60 mins$99
    • BABOR Luxury Facial

      A designer facial that ensures hydration, deep product penetration and a detailed skin analysis.

      • 60 mins$140
    • BABOR Ampoule Immersion Facial

      An extended facial for ultimate hydration, plumping and expert facial techniques.

      • 75 mins$210
    • BABOR High Skin Refiner Facial

      The skin Care of Celebrities - The anti-wrinkle expert, BABOR HSR® will target every type of wrinkle while firming and lifting the skin.

      • 90 mins$250
  • Medispa FacialsDurationPrice
    • TheraPro Peel 10-30%

      The first ever fruit acid facial that peels the skin WITHOUT causing inflammation! Percentage ranging from 10% to 30% adapted individually to your unique skin condition and desired result – The unique blend of AHA and a controlled PH value peels the skin from the inside out for maximum regeneration that provides a more even, smoother and healthier skin. Book now for a personalised skin and home care plan.

      • 60 mins$180
    • Vitamin C

      A PRO facial fit for any skin experiencing signs of ageing (wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity), lacking radiance (dull complection), and/or an uneven skin tone to re-create a bright, vital, smoothness and firmness in the skin.

      • 60 mins$180
    • CE

      A PRO facial designed to regenerate, re-build and re-strengthen the skin's protective barrier, leaving a healthier and visibly harmonious skin.

      • 60 mins$180
    • EGF Facial

      A PRO facial to regenerate, even out and refine the skin's structure, reducing the visible signs of ageing for a youthfully smooth and firm skin.

      • 60 mins$180
    • Collagen Booster Facial

      A facial that intensively plumps, hydrates and renews the skin. Especially designed for mature skins with pronounced lines and declining skin tone - as well as rebuilding sensitive and irritated skins.

      • 60 mins$160
    • Silver Foil Mask

      Multi Masking! As we apply tailored serum(s) to the skin the foil mask will warm up the pores to allow optimal penetration to receive benefits of both the serum(s) and activates within the mask; full of hyaluronic acid and brown algae, this facial will deeply hydrate, plump the skin and protect from free radical damage.

      • 60 mins$160
    • Purity Facial

      An intense facial to remove excessive oil and associating bacteria, reduce visible acne, and create a more functional skin health - for the sustainable reduction of impurities and to clarity, smooth and refine the complexion.

      • 60 mins$160
    • Hypersensitive Facial

      An intensive facial that clears away bacteria related causation of very sensitive, irritated and fragile skin, and skin, simultaneously nourishing and rebuilding the skin back to health.

      • 60 mins$160
    • Anti Couperose Facial

      A facial designed to reduce capillary damage on the skin surface and re-strengthen the capillary wall, reduce redness and heat/flushing for a visibly balanced complexion.

      • 60 mins$160
    • DERMAPEN 4

      Say goodbye to problem skin, Dermapen4 is needling innovation - creating millions of fine fractional channels up to 104% faster than before. You can watch your skin transition as your collagen and elastin fibres grow stronger for a renewed, fresher and younger you.
      (follow up appointments are $300)

      • 60 mins$320
  • BeautyDurationPrice
    • Brow Tint

      There is no set duration for the brow tint.

      • $15
    • Lash Tint

      There is no set duration for the lash tint.

      • $25
    • Lash and Brow Tint

      There is no set duration for the lash and brow tint.

      • $35
    • Hand Treatment

      Our luxurious replenishing hand pampering uses all the specialised concoctions - exfoliating, creams, nourishing oils, softening paraffin waxes, mittens and massage techniques that leave your hands and feet in immaculate condition.

      • 45 mins$99
    • Foot Treatment

      Our luxurious replenishing feet pampering uses all the specialised concoctions - exfoliating, creams, nourishing oils, softening paraffin waxes, mittens and massage techniques that leave your hands and feet in immaculate condition.

      • 45 mins$99