Saltair Spa

Day Spa packages, Torquay - 1hr from Melbourne

Feel Good with Saltair Day Spa Packages designed for the perfect pamper escape when you need it.

Easy 1 hour drive in a direct route from Melbourne…

Make it your monthly short getaway from it all!

Pamper Package

Feel your cares slip away as we introduce exfoliating Sea Salts infused with nourishing aromatic oils.  Indulge in comfort with a BABOR Mini Spa Facial and let us spoil you that bit more with a moisturising body massage.

  • Full body oil and salt infusion
  • BABOR mini spa facial
  • Nourishing body moisturising massage

Deep Relaxation Package

Replenish with the uniqueness of a Saltair Relaxation Massage and self-indulge with the infusion of a decadent BABOR Luxury Facial. Take it one step further and enhance your relaxation with an optional Full Body Exfoliation.

  • Saltair Relaxation Massage: 60 minutes
  • BABOR Luxury Facial: 60 minutes
  • Option with Full Body Exfoliation

Saltair Spa Wrap

Feel revived by a sea salt exfoliation followed with a smothering warmth of a silky body mud fuelled with nutrients. Unravel the added tension with a warm oil head massage and experience the difference of a Saltair Relaxation Massage.

Day Spa Package

Being personally designed and a winner in style, our Signature journey is the ultimate in pampering with a purpose.

  • Full body oil and salt infusion
  • Silky mineral rich body clay cocoon
  • Warm oil head massage
  • Shower rinse
  • Saltair Relaxation Massage
  • BABOR Luxury Facial

Little Retreat

Relish in the escape with our specialised massage and facial fusion. One of our most popular treatment getaways topped off with a luxurious BABOR Mini Spa Facial. You will be back for more.

  • 30 min tailored massage
  • BABOR mini spa facial

The Ultimate Getaway Package for 2

Indulge in a glass of champagne and a locally sourced cheese platter with a loved one as you’re over-looking the ocean views, followed by a luxurious aromatic oil massage, then drift off into pure bliss with the newly released PRO facial for ultimate skin therapy.

  • Cheese platter with complimentary champagne
  • Saltair Relaxation Massage: 30 minutes
  • DOCTOR BABOR PRO Facial: 60 minutes
  • Scalp Massage
  • Hand and Arm Massage

Ultimate Couples Retreat Package

Let your worries wither away with a salt scrub before you bliss out together with a Saltair Relaxation massage, then treat yourself to a locally sourced grazing platter and a complimentary glass of champagne. Conclude your experience with a newly released DOCTOR BABOR PRO facial, and walk out with glowing a customized BABOR gift bag to take home.

  • Sea Salt Exfoliation
  • Saltair Relaxation Massage: 90 Minutes
  • Grazing Platter & Champagne
  • Scalp Massage
  • Hand and Arm Massage
  • Customized BABOR Gift Bag

Classic Package

Warm up with a stimulating body brush then unwind with a luxurious Saltair Relaxation Massage.

  • Dry body exfoliation
  • Saltair Relaxation Massage

Bliss Package

A head-to-toe, heaven on earth therapy.  Feel delight and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing feet treat, then finish with an indulgent BABOR Luxury Facial.

  • Saltair Spa Foot Treatment: 45mins
  • BABOR Luxury Facial: 60mins

Couples Pamper Package

Share precious time out in tranquility and enjoy a pure Saltair Relaxation Massage followed by our 30 mins Intense Ampoule Immersion Facial together in our dual room.

  • Saltair Relaxation Massages
  • Intense Ampoule Immersion facial

Couples Massage Package

Share precious time out in tranquility and enjoy a pure Saltair Relaxation Massage together in our dual room.

  • Saltair Relaxation Massages
  • Foot bath

Mother Nurture

Lay down with a caring and devoted specialised body massage on our designer pregnancy table followed by a decadent Facial – A first-class luxury package that nurtures during this special time.

  • Pregnancy Massage
  • BABOR Luxury Facial

Sea Salt Exfoliation and Massage

A revitalising and relaxing full body therapy.  Aromatic oils, Sea Salts and Massage can do wonders for unravelling tension whilst your skin takes in extra nutrition.  Enjoy a warm shower rinse, and finish with a nourishing body cream.

  • Full body oil and salt infusion
  • Shower rinse off
  • Nourishing body moisturising massage