BABOR Sea Creation Gift Set

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For all those who are looking for something very special – for themselves or their loved ones. Lovingly packaged by hand, SeaCreation – the masterpiece for all-round anti-aging and effective protection against skin stress – presents itself in a special design. The set includes two products at a special price: THE SERUM 30ml and special sized THE CREAM in 15 ml – for an all-around anti-aging effect.

THE SERUM: Luxury anti-aging active agent concentrate for all-around beauty
THE CREAM: Luxury anti-aging face cream for all-around beauty


SeaCreation helps protect against premature skin aging, helps promote anti-aging skin functions and assists in reducing the look of existing signs of aging. The skin appears firmer, smoother and youthfully fresh.


The source of true beauty lies in the depths of the seas. The BABOR laboratories have come a step closer to this centuries-old secret. A combination of the intelligent active anti-wrinkle ingredient MicroAlgae AP, the effective anti-aging protein Glycocéane GP3 and the energizing micro-organism BABOR thermophilus, makes SeaCreation a masterpiece with an all-round anti-aging effect. The cellular energy of the skin is increased and oxidative skin stress is counteracted.


THE SERUM: Apply morning and/or evening to cleansed face, neck and décolleté before applying the care cream and work into the skin with flat hands using gentle pressure.
Recommendation: For maximum results, use SeaCreation THE CREAM or THE CREAM RICH afterwards.

THE CREAM: Use in the morning and evening after cleansing. Remove the cream with the scoop, apply to your face, neck and décolleté and massage in gently.