BABOR Vitalizing Cream Rich



The VITALIZING Cream rich was specifically developed for tired skin that needs some more lipids.

Stress or emotional burdens, but also environmental influences such as UV radiation, blue light or pollution, often make skin look tired, exhausted and pale. It often has a dull expression, comes across as rough and uneven and loses elasticity, vitality and solidity. The skin lacks the energy to fight against harmful environmental influences and to let the skin’s regeneration process run optimally. As a result, it lacks resistance against external stress factors and it ages quicker.


The ENERGY Plus Complex in combination with the Perfection Complex revitalizes the skin, supports skin regeneration and Blue Light Protect protects against digital aging. Shea butter supports the skin barriers and plant oils from sesame, jojoba and soy provide valuable lipids. The EpigenTech Power peptide additionally ensures age preventing in an epigenetic manner and strengthens the cells.


The skin looks immediately more refined, more vital and fresher with more radiation.


The cream is step 5 of your care routine. Gently massage in mornings and/or evenings after cleaning. We recommend complimenting this with the VITALIZING CREAM 5.1 as a lighter day product.