DOCTOR BABOR Intensive Calming Cleanser



A mild cleansing milk with lipid-replenishing properties for extremely dry, sensitive skin. Can also be used as a supportive skincare treatment for neurodermitis & atopic eczema during symptom-free intervals.


It calms neuro-sensitive and very dry skin, even as you cleanse, and there is no unpleasant tight feeling after cleansing.


The active complex of Neuroxyl, evening primrose oil (rich in gamma-linolenic acid, dexpanthenol and microsilver reduces irritations and redness and relieves itching. It promotes regeneration of the skin’s natural protective barrier, helps to improve the skin’s resistance and suppleness. Skin recovers faster and tight feelings are noticeably reduced.


Apply the cleanser to your skin in the morning and evening with moistened fingertips. Cleanse the skin using circling movements, then rinse off thoroughly with water.

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