3x Skin Needling & 7x LED Light Therapy Skin Package eVoucher


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3 Sessions of Skin Needling with the Dermapen4: Say goodbye to problem skin, Dermapen4 is needling innovation – Creating millions of fine fractional channelsencouraging wound healing response to regrow and repair the skin – forcing the production of collagen and elastin fibres. These channels also carry up to 80% more topical nutrients into the skin, creating an absorption pathway for needle friendly skincare to counteract skin concerns faster than ever before. Watch your skin transition to a stronger for a renewed, fresher and younger you.

7 Sessions of LED Light Therapy with LightStim: Infrared light that encourages present and ongoing healing – addressing all categories of regeneration making it optimal for skin ageing, scarring, bacteria, inflammation, and overall skin healing. LED includes a specially tailored serum that penetrates through whilst the skin is at its highest retention capacity for maximum hydration.